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Status of the Global Coastal Event - December 2013

Its been a while now since I have mentioned the Global Coastal Event, which is a series of earth change events as labelled by Clif High in relation to the future predicting data mining software, 'the webbot'. I felt it was time to give everyone an update on the situation surrounding it.

My last two articles about the situation were 'Doubts of the Global Coastal Event and the nature of Time in relation to future predicting methods' back on May the 27th, 2013 and 'Thoughts around Courtney Brown's Farsight update and the webbots Global Coastal Event as predicted by Clif High' back on June the 16th, 2013.

Aerial photo of the San Andreas Fault in the Carrizo Plain, northwest of Los Angeles - Wikipedia

I stopped following the webbot back in June as I had felt it had served its purpose for me, in relation to all the information around the actual earth changes. But I have gathered some information from others who continue to follow Clif High and the webbot, so that I could understand Clif High's point of view around the ongoing changes.

Back in May, Clif was spot on with so much of the language which had came up within the original Global Coastal Event forecast. Part of that language included many events, such as the bridges collapsing, which I counted at least four occurrences of around May, 2013 in the US, to that deepest earthquake ever recorded in south eastern Russia. The timing was very accurate in relation to that specific event.

Since May, there has certainly been an uptake in earth change events, such as extreme weather related systems forming globally, to increased solar flaring activity with two lots of series of x-class flares, one series very recently and the other back around May. The largest storm ever recorded occurred around the last eclipse in early November (Super Typhoon Haiyan).

We see ongoing events in the media surrounding the various predictions and language within the Global Coastal Event forecast, such as atmospheric rivers in the sky... so many countries now have experienced extreme flooding from a deluge of rain coming down in very short periods of time. Another term for this is lakes in the sky, and the Global Coastal Event forecast has been spot on with this forecasted language.

My personal summary of the Global Coastal Event has now had over fifty thousand reads and is usually the most read article each week. It is a very comprehensive summary if you didn't realise. Its a great reference to look back on to understand how accurate the original prediction and forecast was by Clif High. Of course there are a few things missing within that prediction that never occurred.

Going by some of the information in that forecast, we were expecting a series of global earthquakes around the same period of time, back in May, which in turn would have caused possibly simultaneous tsunami events, flooding many coastal areas on a global scale.

This never happened.

Otherwise, the rest of the information, in my opinion, has been very spot on. Its just taking its time to manifest and isn't happening as quickly as we were expecting.

I remember most of the forecasting language surrounding the Global Coastal Event off by heart, as I spent a lot of time researching it and keeping that summary article up to date. Every day, just about, I am seeing events in the media that match the language in relation to scientific studies being concluded, weather system patterns, storms, flooding, sink holes, landslides, coastal areas having an increase in tide levels, lakes in the sky and the list goes on and on. I have felt there has been no point in blogging about all of these events as its now becoming the 'norm' for our society.

It's pretty obvious now that the Global Coastal Event is well under way. And the next major hurdle is the forecasted mini ice age, which is now being reported on in the main stream media in a big way. It wasn't just the webbot that got this forecast right, but other scientific forecasting systems. The Northern Hemisphere seems to be the focus of this situation at the moment.

So, as I mentioned earlier, let me write up a summary below of Clif High's thoughts on what is going on in relation to his forecasted Global Coastal Event. If you think I have missed anything, I would love to see your comments to add any additional information in relation to this. As I mentioned, I have stopped following the webbot, so any additional information will be useful for many people.

The Update

Firstly, in relation to the global and simultaneous series of earthquakes and tsunami's, Clif High has mentioned that he was more influenced by the various remote viewing studies than he should have been. In other words, his forecast of these types of events may have been greatly influenced by the various remote viewing groups who saw certain things, such as Courtney Brown's Farsight Institute study.

The data is showing that the earthquakes and weather/storms are increasing, as we can see in real life, and these are what will end up causing all of the diaspora and deaths in relation to nuclear damage.

In relation to the webbot prediction of a great number of people moving 'north', probably in the USA somewhere, and the number that came up in the data, which was 220 000, is still showing up in the webbot data. Clif High thinks its related to the radiation leakage situation at Fukushima. He thinks people will be moving north because of this. This may take a few years to occur.

He recently said in a new Wujo that large portions of the population in California will move north into Canada to escape the radiation. The webbot is showing that there may be another nuclear meltdown in the north east of the USA, at a number of nuclear sites there and these people would then move away from those locations.

He has mentioned a few times now that naming the Global Coastal Event, the 'Global Coastal Event' was a mistake, as it is not a single event, as we already understand of course, but an ongoing series of events which will increase in intensity as the mini age age conditions hit the planet.

He has confirmed that the global series of quakes that he thought was going to happen, which he forecasted from the data in the webbot and which he was heavily influenced by with the remote viewing studies, was that 8.3 earthquake in eastern Russia that was the deepest ever recorded. On that same day a bridge fell in Washington state, which he picked up in the webbot data as well. (And three more bridges fell around that date)

Earthquakes near the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia, 24th May 2013 - The deepest ever recorded. Credit: USGS

The data in the webbot is still showing at least a billion lives will be lost over a number of years, as a result of the increase in earth changes/weather activity.

One of his major concerns in relation to the future and earth changes in general, is the wind. He has said that the wind really takes focus soon and then dies down for a few years from 2015 to 2017. After that it then comes back really ferociously again.

His long term forecast around the weather is that it it will not settle down now for at least the next 40 years.

That's about it for the information I have in relation to the Global Coastal Event since May. Again, feel free to comment if you are a follower of Clif and have additional information in relation to this.


Linda said...

Thanks, Laron.

Wherami said...

Great job Laron :) Getting my heavy snow conditions this weekend. fun fun but nothing compared to what the poor english countryside is getting done to them.

Linda said...

Leuren Moret is a geoscientist who has worked around the world on radiation issues, educating citizens, the media, members of parliaments and Congress and other officials. She became a whistleblower in 1991 at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab after experiencing major science fraud on the Yucca Mountain Project. An environmental commissioner in the City of Berkeley.

Linda said...

PS. That should have been within quotation marks, and with the website
I just googled the name - interesting stuff on Fuku

angelicview said...

Thanks so much for that update Laron. I have a few things to add. Also, Linda, thanks for that link - I'm going to check that out.

Some might call me crazy, but I'm gonna put it out there anyway...

First thing is my opinion - for what it may be worth to anyone. I really like what Thomas ______ (uhhh.... what was his last name?) said. He was also a remote viewer and he foresaw that these things were going to happen way back in the 1980's! They didn't happen back then - but he saw the same events. He said that he thinks it will happen whenever "it is needed" to happen. So, with that in mind, I feel that it's possible that our future was changed forever here on Earth back in March of 2013 when that meteor hit Russia. Remember that it broke up before it entered our atmosphere, and it was caught on film that something or someone seemed to shoot at it. Well, my theory is that that meteor was going to hit Earth dead-on and cause many catastrophic changes.

The weather here is very, very cold. 9*F. That is the high for some days this coming week. No snow. Brrrr......

Lastly, I'd like to share with you all an article by Sandra Walter that came out today. (well, yesterday now). I don't think I'm going to keep up with the blog, "Universal Angelic View". I would have blogged it there. Anyway, she says that we will rise above this. The weather, the politics, the poverty, and the illness. By "rise above", I mean she says that we will make a dimensional shift.

Sandra is one of the people I truly respect. To this date (that I know of) she has never made a prediction. Today she did. She said that shifts in the collective consciousness will begin happening in January of 2014.

Here is a link to the article:

Linda said...

I don't think you're crazy AV. Letting go of the realiy (?) is a delicate operation....and I'm fast coming to the conclusion that there will be many who will need those who have been through the fire, so-to-speak, who have navigated their way out and so can shine a light. It must be for that reason that I've been going through what I have. Sandra seems to have insight and understanding of magnetics, and that caught my attention as I've been experiencing super intense sensations, and balancing is absolutely essential. We sure are in for a ride, one way or another, and it's great to know you and others are there to offer that hand when one of us spins too fast (like flying off the outer galaxy arm!). I actually thought we had made a shift, but if that were the case then someone forgot to tell the *^$&ers ;) Much love, and thank you! <3 Thank God that the smell of coffee stays the same.

PS. What is it with the 1 and 4 combo? 144 000? Earlier today I said "enough, no more, stop it with the 1 & 4 combos, I need a rest"....sure enough, on her site, the suggestion amount is 1s and 4s lol....Oh, if you like Bashar, check out his synchronicity on numbers it's very funny.

Linda said...

PPS. Check out the time you posted yours 4.40, and mine above yours 3.03. Hilarious, it's too much!!!

angelicview said...

So funny, Linda! I was taking a sip of my morning coffee just as I read your line about coffee! lol

When I posted that, it was 3:40 AM here - the day before you (on the other side of the Earth) my time. :)

Laron said...

Thanks for your thoughts and link AV.

Going by the information back then, that asteroid was most likely shot down and its possible that is what Courtney Brown saw with regards to the space rock impacts on Earth. But, I believe this is separate in the greater scheme of things and has no relation to the major shift... as in the physical events that would cause a great cleanse/loss of life. There were a number of coincidences, possibly interrelated, but still coincidences I think.

I just don't see that a meteor, which can be shot down with the right technology, as being part of a repeating cycle of astrological/earth changes which occurs at the end of each age, in regards to the astrological ages/mayan calendar.

I think the major changes directly relate to the Earth/dna ascension process and they they are required to happen for it all to come together. I could easily be wrong, it may be a gradual spirtiual change where nothing major will ever happen, but that just has always been my strong feeling. The earth expansion theory and/or pole shift situation would of course directly relate to these changes.

Karyn Russell said...

Thanks a million Laron for your investigative efforts and updates ....... always appreciated :-)

angelicview said...

Oh, yeah! I totally agree with you on that, Laron. I just meant that I think that meteor was supposed to cause a lot more damage than it did, and perhaps that's what they were seeing as being so catastrophic. Now, since that meteor didn't hit us head-on or with full-force, all those catastrophes didn't happen. But, yes, a totally different issue than the Shift that we are in. ;)