Sunday, December 29, 2013

New year or new here, you are on your way

An interesting message for 2014 from the Pleiadian Renegades as channelled by Maryann Rada, on a number of topics that a lot of us ponder over, such as exopolitcal contact, (I think I just made that word up) to the radiation situation at Fukushima and more.

There seems to be nothing unusual with this information and it resonates with me.

By Maryann Rada via Renegade Thoughts, 28 December 2013

Looking ahead into the year before you, we were going to tell you a few things that might settle your minds about the things that are most likely to appear on your world screen. However, upon thinking it over, we decided instead to tell you some of the things that would not be coming your way, to settle minds far and wide in a more satisfying way. Sometimes, it’s better to know what isn’t going to happen than it is to know what is likely, and from there make the necessary daring moves on your part to make even more wonderful things happen.

First, we would like to point out that there is no danger of the last big comet colliding with the Earth. While you may be seeing more fireballs in the sky in the coming days and weeks, you will not take a direct hit in a catastrophic bowling-ball style. So don’t worry about that. There are some other things in the inner reaches of your solar system that may catch your attention, and when they show up we will have more to say on that matter. For now, enjoy the days of sunshine and know that you are well shielded from celestial loose cannons.

In the environmental disaster that you know as Fukushima, there is concern that the entire planet will be flooded with radioisotopes in such a way that life will not continue, that entire nations will be infected with damaging ionizing radiation and genetic mutations, or that the global ecosystem will fail. Let this be one thing you do not have to lose your cool about: We are guarding the facility to what extent we are able and have been monitoring the progress of its demise. While there are indeed high levels of radioactive toxicity in your world, it is out of the question that it would entirely wipe out life or civilization in any way that would prevent the human species from maintaining their evolutionary course as it has been set. You have decisions to make, yet there is one thing you can be assured of. The long period of disinformation is about to end, the truth is coming out, and we  are working to alleviate the worst of the effects. In the final analysis, there is no such thing as a nuclear nightmare about to happen, and while there are many who are in harm’s way in the learning curve that is public awareness of global catastrophe, your world will not disintegrate and the race will live on to see a brighter day. Those who have made the choice at the level of soul before incarnating here, who will have direct effects from this event and its fallout, will be given the opportunity to explore their decision and give their experience the kind of reflection they destined themselves to do. There are no innocent victims, though there are casualties, and with the pain of loss comes a soul integration that for the most part remains unseen while you are still on the plane of existence that is the world stage.

If the revolution doesn’t happen on schedule according to the plans of the overlords who have navigated through it so far, it will indeed get going on schedule for those who have a very real interest in seeing things settled in a new groove, one that allows humanity to flourish on its own terms and not under the oppressive rule of the erstwhile leaders of the dragon brigands who have carved out their lair in the suburban paradise of earth’s life-sustaining garden. They will not like the outcome, perhaps, but then again, it was never a hard and fast rule that they would win on their terms, only that they would work towards bending the game to their favor while keeping a few cards up their sleeves. The turn of events that comes in the year 2014 is going to have a lot of people recalibrating their way of looking at things, and the way reality is going to be impacted, we don’t see the continuance of life under the present system as something that you’ll be aware of for much longer. Be aware, however, that the present system is part of a greater and grander system that you may not yet be able to fully appreciate, and the ones who are acting in the shadows will have their own dramas to fulfill while you have the stage and spotlight on your own revelations of understanding and love.

Finally, to turn your attention to the skies, where many of you have been straining your eyes to see a speck of shiny metal silently gliding over the disbelieving populace, we say please don’t expect that there will be an invasion from outer space. It is not our style to participate in such theatrics, and the truth is, anything that you see as invasionary tactics will be coming from those already firmly established on the ground among you. While some of our crew are indeed walking the halls and byways of your world’s higher-vibratory-compatible areas, we are not and will not be part of an invasion force. Rather, our preference for contact takes a more intimate route of meeting face to face when the time is right for communion between our world and another’s to commence. That time may well be at hand, it is true, but you will not be witness to the kind of blastingly big theatrical entertainment that some would have you expect. We have more to say on this, and will comment further as the need arises for you to be ready for the next level of information. Many of you are well prepared and many of you are making the final steps toward becoming prepared for open contact. While others are not and probably will never be ready to participate in the direct contact scenario that is lately emerging, there are many who may yet surprise even themselves at the kinds of awakening they will soon see in their own lives. Don’t give up on everyone just yet, dear friends. There is room for many more to join the party, and we are prepared to welcome your sleepy comrades just as much as we are prepared to welcome you.

Is this enough to get you geared up for the birth of 2014? It is enough that you can begin to understand the level of expectancy that surrounds the emergent year from our side of the timeline. We are so open to you as friends and guides, if you have anything that feels like the sense you can make out of it is in need of some illumination from loving minds and hearts. We are just a breath away, dear friends. It is our pleasure and honor to initiate this communication with you, and we are happy to take it further. If you ever want to talk, we are available. Remember that we are with you, we are among you, and we are watching and waiting for you to arrive at the moment of meeting. We are here, and we wish you all the light of the new day to shine in your hearts with the brilliance of a love intent on living in the opalescent terrestrial company of a humanity at one with itself as people of the third planet, sun Sol, galactic group Alcyone. We look forward to welcoming you into the reality of redefined terrestriality! Be of good cheer and look in love with each other into a new day’s light.


Tony said...

With respect to all involved, I don't see the point to these channelled messages. They never seem to contain anything of value. There is perhaps some comfort to be found in them, but that would be the case even if the authors simply wrote the messages as though they were their own - not channelled. Reading channelled messages is like going to a Paul Simon concert to find that instead of singing, he was just reading a prepared statement on the need for peace. Yea that's great and all, but I could hear that anywhere, I went to a Paul Simon concert to hear something which only he can deliver. If they're just going to deliver these fairly obvious, vanilla messages all the time, why bother?

Laron said...

Tony, I feel somewhat the same because of a number of reasons.If you are a long term follower of this blog, you will notice that I rarely post channelled information and when I do, it's something that I think makes a lot of sense and resonates with me (to a degree) and is likely to be more accurate in comparison to the usual channelled information posted on the internet.

I get a few people a week sending in links to channelled messages and I usually don't post them.

In this case I know Maryann as we have communicated offline and I am familiar with her healing work and website material. Plus the message made a lot of sense in relation to what is likely to go on up ahead in the future as I am very up to date on future predictions/prophecy.

The only channelled information I personally rely upon is when the person is in a regression state from using hypnosis, where the source of the information can be controlled more easily and is therefore much more reliable. As in the source being the person's higher self, immortal soul or a group consciousness where they are from if they are not part of the usual earth reincarnation cycle.

j.bradbury said...

I agree with you Tony. I am always weary of channelled info. I would use it as another piece of information. Maybe this time around you found no use in this message. Maybe next time you will only find one sentence of any worth.

With everything going on in this world, I find it to be a jig saw puzzle. You might find a piece of info in main stream media, social media, friends, and life experience to name a few. As you step back, maybe, just maybe, you start to see a picture forming.
Time will answer most questions, death takes care of the rest :) Safe and Happy New Year to you.

Connie said...

“Objective” vs. “subjective” truth seems to lie with the observer and their personal reality. If one can penetrate another dimension and glean certain information, it is up to the observer whether this is a truth for them personally or reject it as insignificant. This holds true with NDEs, past life regression, channeling. Prophetic dream etc. It is not always the source but the message.

Tony said...

Thank you both for your responses. Laron, what you are saying makes sense to me. I have been present when a long time friend channelled another entity. The words, tone, and even the energy in the room was so obviously not originating from my friend. So I too recognize that channelling is an authentic phenomenon. I think that is why I'm so often disappointed with what I perceive to be a lack of content in the messages.

J.bradbury, your analogy of the jig saw puzzle resonates with me. For me, I think the answer lies with recognizing that these messages, like all things, are simply small pieces of the larger puzzle. This was a lesson (which I am apparently still learning) from the webbot GCE material. I was giving more energy to that material that was appropriate. It (like this channelled message) was just a small piece of the big picture - it not the big picture itself.

After pondering this topic along with your responses, I think it boils down to this... In this world of limitations, having all of the answers is just not part of the experience. When a source of information which is outside of the common pool presents itself, such as the webbot, channelled information, etc., I tend to think/hope that we've found a loophole or weakness in the universe, through which we can cheat, and come to know information which we would normally not be able to know in this world, haha. This leads to bad decision-making and disappointment.

I am coming to the understanding that this information does have value, but not as a path in and of itself, but instead as a tiny nudge in one direction or the other.

Laron said...

Connie, I agree with that as well. But I have seen a lot of channelled material and so much of it has not come to pass, when being compared to other source material gained through all the other methods.

It really seems to be that most of the time, channelled information from a single individual on their own, is not too accurate and can be very broad and vague. I doubt that all these entities being chanelled that get it wrong so much are doing it on purpose though. There must be a good explanation for why their messages are do different to messages coming from spirit guides, the higher self, etc.

I have been looking at this situation based upon two things, the source as I mentioned in my other post, but also the frequency and vibration that you connect into when doing a direct channel session on your own. I believe its not easy to get high up dimensionally speaking, and connect in when being compared to going into trance in a regression state with someone guiding you. This means that the contact made is not going to be with an entity that can be as trustworthy or as reliable with the information as it could be when the person is guided and in a deeper state.

It's also possible that these entities coming through are not fully aware of the reality we are in, and the information they are giving us may not relate directly to this reality we are experiencing and may relate to other realities. As in there may be more chance of the information being very broad, because they think they may have tapped into our version of time, or our reality. The theory goes that every decision we could possibly make is actually played out in other realities. I am just thinking out loud here.. I have no proof to back this up as it just comes to me.

Tony, don't forget that its possible the webbot daw something that did happen in one reality, yet the global consciousness in our reality here, may have got to a certain point in its vibration and progress, that it may not have needed to happen, so things could have been worse back in May, but they were not. So instead of the interpretation not being so accurate, Clif may have got it right if certain events had played out. Or, the trigger could have been an asteroid impact that was going to happen, but the asteroid was shot down because of beings/humans becoming aware of it, from the information that has come out of the webbot and/or remote viewing.

But I don't think that is the case.. I think its more related to the state of our combined global consciousness and what needs to take place during this shift and time of change. I feel no impending doom or disaster up ahead, where before that feeling was there. I don't feel a need to continue my search to find answers around that like I once did. I feel that we are not meant to know and that we will be in the exact place we are meant to be, if something does happen anyway.

It's just natural for all of us to want to find and search for answers and for some of us, we are driven to search for answers because of other reasons. Some of us are driven to provide information to others.

I made some big sacrifices, practically, in preparation for earlier in the year so I know where your coming from Tony.

AlexV said...

Figuring out what's the shape of things to come is as tricky business. Not even the so called TPTB are capable of getting their massive planning on time, they and their non-human partners invest massive ammounts of (our) energy to force events and so far they cannot predict how humans would react. Yup maybe Anu, Enki and Enlil are ahead of the game but they still need to "program the masses" to try to achieve their goals. I think channeled information is a broader part of the matrix game and that it serves to its own purposes. As always half-truths are mixed with BS, but as the game is not set for us to know, We can only trust our guts and pray to our higher (more awaken) part of us to lead us as best as he/she can. Personally dreams are my way to decode other realities, and it's the most variable. subjective, obscure yet englightning way to know our innerverse and grasp really groundbreaking personal truths. I imagine, as we are part of the void that she splitted herself into us, may be not to feel herself alone, that we are also universes within universes so We should be able to set up our future-present-past at every time if we wish to, and that's perhaps, one of the secrets that the matrix doesn't want us to know. That's why they can't create by themselves and need to be parasites.

AlexV said...

And about webbot, well for the alert mind and careful observer is noticeable that things are getting very odd on the bigger picture, negative loops are feedingback, messed global economy + earth changes + (endless list of constant change) are showing up. Maybe Cliff was pushing the envelope too much on precise dates, but trends seem to aim for a turmoiled future (with or without coastal events or spacefarts). The key is to remain calmed, happy and alert, however, every attempt to "save our selves" from the "connundrum" seems futile for me as far as the only certain future event that each of us has to deal with is death or the passage to another level of dreaming. So no worries, as far as we can remember if We are dreaming or not avoiding be trapped again in the karmi(k) recycling machine.

Laron said...

Thanks for your comments Alex, very interesting!