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A program for raising your Kundalini - Robert Bruce

A number of years ago I ran into the author Robert Bruce. The reason I stumbled into him was because of my ongoing search and passion around astral travel/projection. He stood out to be one of the experts in that field at the time and I got to know him pretty well through all his published material.

Since then I have read around three of his books including 'Astral Dynamics', his book 'Energy Work' and his Astral Projection Mastery book which included a set of CD's. All his techniques are proven from not only his own practical experience, but also through his community of fans/followers who have helped him shape and make his techniques more effective and efficient over the years.

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Robert Bruce is not only an author and expert in his field in relation to astral projection, he is also an energy healer and has become a mystic in a sense, as all his experience has unlocked various esoteric and spiritual abilities, which is to be expected when getting into energy work and astral projection.

Part of energy work involves getting to understand and know the Kundalini. Accurate information on the Kundalini is very sparse and the writings out there around how to raise it is very rare and sometimes very misinforming. Therefore a lot of people are very wary about the subject and consider it dangerous. I do not.

Robert Bruce has got to the stage where he has felt confident with his experience of raising his own Kundalini, over and over now, to create a program on how to do it safely through the use of energy work.

I wouldn't normally recommend something like this, but here is a list of reasons why I do.

  • I have had first hand experience with Kundalini awakening and therefore understand it in a way most people don't. It's not something to be feared if done correctly if you are in the right situation within your energetic system (prepared)
  • My knowledge and trust of Robert Bruce as a person, through his published material. He gets strait to the point and has no ulterior motives such as doing this primarily to make money or pushing in any religious beliefs
  • My experience with actively using Robert Bruce's techniques over the years with energy work and astral projection and the similar techniques I have run into through separate sources on such toipcs, meaning he's not the only person teaching such methods
  • My wisdom on the energetic system and the Kundalini in general

We are at a stage in our civilisation where I think it is time to start expanding peoples awareness, more and more, of who we really are and where some of us come from. Because of the times we are in, people are going to naturally have spiritual and psychic abilities become more apparent and manifest out of the blue, but to help with that we can perform such activities as energy work, astral projection, meditation, mantras and a number of other activities including lifestyle changes such as what we eat and our atmosphere around us.

Raising our Kundalini can be added to this list of course, but this would be at the top of the list in regards to effectiveness of the many other options out there for us. Robert Bruce has come to understand that raising the Kundalini doesn't happen just the one time, it can be done over and over, as he has experienced and the many others who have followed his techniques have also experienced.

By successfully raising the Kundalini, we can awaken latent psychic abilities, or even strengthen those abilities we may already have or may not by aware of. We can help to further develop our spiritual and energetic system and bodies and expand our own consciousness and awareness of who we really are. Basically, its a way to help us progress spiritually.

One of the main benefits of this type of action, as in going down the road of energy work, astral projection, raising the Kundalini, etc,  in my personal opinion, is that once we start to realise that we are energetic beings, if we haven't already, and that we are a consciousnesses that exists elsewhere simultaneously and immortally. From coming to that understanding we can therefore change our lives and the world for the better.

What I am getting at is that we can start to really act a lot more through consciousness, not through ego, and we can really then start to change the world and naturally / unconsciously  influence those around us who happen to notice those changes, if they are ready for that in their own experience that they are having themselves.

The more people can open up their awareness to their consciousness, to who they really are through their own practical experiences, the more they can get away from their egos which in turn can stop the hurt that our planet is under going through the economic and materialistic greed, among many other things, which causes the destruction and pollution of the environment, loss of life (any conscious life) and mistreatment of so many people.

The laws and control systems put in place by Governments and regimes can slowly be changed to better humanity as a result of our continuing awareness and expansion as spiritual beings. I would love to see schools start to have curriculum's composing of all these practical activities, from meditation, energy work, astral projection, chakra sensing, aura viewing and so on, which can in turn back up the theory out there which explains what all this is about.

So, back to where I started. I wanted to let you know about Robert Bruce's 'How to raise your Kundalini' program. He released it about a week ago now and you can find it on his website here, He has 20% off the price at the moment.

The program is a series of videos separated into easy to navigate chapters. There is about twelve hours worth.The videos can be downloaded for offline use or streamed online.  He also includes a companion workbook.

For those ready to go down this path, I highly recommend looking into this raising your Kundalini program by Robert Bruce above, otherwise if your still wary, you could check out his book Energy Work as this is a great way to start, as his program will contain many techniques similar to what he explains within this book below.

 Here is a link to it on Amazon.


fairyfloss said...

I am most keen to start working my way through Robert Bruce's books and then program. Thanks again Laron...Its amazing how things show up at exactly the right time :)

Laron said...

That's great Jodie. While his program would cater for those new to energy work, the book is probably a better choice to start off with if your are thinking you don't want to jump right in the deep end for whatever reasons. (A whole lot cheaper as well)

fairyfloss said...

ohh I was thinking I needed a bit more preparation time, so books then program...but I'm an Aquarian who usually jumps straight in..I just thought I HAD to build up to the that changes everything Thanks :)

Laron said...

I think you will be fine starting the program strait off, just watch all the videos in order. There are a lot of them.