Thursday, November 28, 2013

WINTER 2013 TO BE LONGEST IN HISTORY: Heavy snow could fall until MAY warn forecasters

Tallinn, Estonia in winter - Wikipedia

I recently posted an article about the forecast of how bad winter was going to be in the UK. Here is an updated entry on the situation by the express, in the UK.

"BRITAIN is facing an unprecedented SIX MONTH winter with long-range forecasters warning relentless heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures could last until MAY."

The long range forecasts are showing that winter is going to be the worst in 60 years of polar conditions.

You can find the full story here,


Wherami said...

that certainly is what all the predictions and forecasts have been saying

Troy Robins said...
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Troy Robins said...

I've bought myself some funky Long John's! They're not really very long because I'm not really very tall, but they are toasty!

Linda said...

Funky Long Johns - excellent Troy! haha I wonder if they're as funky and multi-coloured like Laron's pants in Peru? Stock up on Drambuie too - I've heard a drop Dram (Scottish accent) on the tongue....wait....then BOOM/KaPow, loveliness and warmth explosion :))