Sunday, November 17, 2013

What is the self? - A 3 minute video that describes who we truly are

Its worth taking the three minutes out of your day to check out this video written and created by Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo, which describes their opinions around what the self is.

Description : Mystics in all ages and cultures describe the self as infinite, stable and ever-present phenomena. Modern physics describe the world as a self-moving, self-designing pattern, an undivided wholeness, a dance. We, as a society, relate to the self mostly as an individual, unique, time bound form. Our common sense, as individuals and society, hasn't caught up with this picture and it still based on long-held biases and stories. The Earth is clearly round but we still act as if it was flat...

We live at the dawn of a scientific revolution, every day brings new findings from a wide range of scientific disciplines about what it means to be human. Modern science now gives us the detailed descriptions of the mechanisms our brain needs to construct what we call the self.

Could it be this illusionary image of ourselves as separate beings that is keeping us in this perpetual state of anxiety, scarcity, fear, dissatisfaction and leading us, as a society, at this very delicate point in evolution?


Shamini G said...

It's like there's another universe inside our bodies. And we don't really belong to ourselves.

Linda said...

It's the greatest thing to contemplate....and another inside of those parts, and another within them,. and I am you, and you are me.....then there's another universe outside of our bodies, and another outside of that....thanks for commenting Shamini :) I hadn't seen this, it's great. It's all is one sphere orbiting another, from the electron round the atom, to the moon around the planets etc. the other direction. All indivisible, each one part of the whole....just seems so right.