Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What is Money?

By an anonymous guest writer

Silly question, huh?  It’s critical, the lifeblood of commerce, an essential - have it or starve.  And it’s manipulated by banks, businesses, and governments exclusively for their own benefit.

Obvious, really - isn’t it?

Song Dynasty Jiaozi, the world's earliest paper money - Wikipedia

No, not really.  Few people even consider the question - so it conveniently vanishes ….

It is my contention that money is a unit of measurement; no more or less than a metre, a volt, or a kilogram.  And what would you think if your builder told you that he had to stop work on your house because he had run out of millimetres?

All right, what does this arbitrary unit actually measure?  Not distance or weight or temperature.  How about Energy?

If I help you with some accounting work and in return you mow my grass, we have exchanged energy.  We may call it a trade, and that’s what it is - but nevertheless, the bottom line is that we have exchanged energy - abstract or concrete, brain or brawn, it matters not.

If, however, I lived in a flat, you may have nothing that I need to offer in exchange.  So you give me a token unit that I can then go and exchange with a third party for something.  A dollar, a pound, a peso, a franc, the name is irrelevant - you have given me a token related to an energy exchange.

Unfortunately, certain vested interests have conned us into thinking that money has an intrinsic value.  It does NOT.  It is a unit of measure of an energy exchange, and like the aforementioned kilos and metres, it has no value or use except for measurement.  Proof of this comes from our (not) friendly neighbourhood banks; go and ask for a loan.  Certainly,  how much?  Then a book entry is made.  NOTHING changes hands.  Then you have your loan .... and pay it back (with interest) to the bank - real money (energy) as a repayment for a book entry.  Nice little racket, eh?  What have they taken from you?  Energy.  Your energy. Years of it. What have they given you? A scribble in a ledger.

Now consider another aspect of this con.  Watch the flow of wealth within society.  (By ‘wealth’, I mean not only money, but health, education, life-style, welfare, age-care, working conditions, even employment itself. )  What is the direction of flow of that wealth, as affected by taxation, legislation, price-setting, income-setting, and corporate policy?

One way - upwards.  The trite old saw “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” may be trite - but oh brother, is it true!

And the wealth that is flowing upwards is nothing more or less than energy. Your energy, human energy, global energy….. Upwards, away from you, and ever towards the elite.

We have all heard of energy vampires .... but this must be the greatest energy theft of all time, anywhere in the universe!  If you want to see the end results of this, have a look at Ethiopia, or Sudan, Iraq, or the slums of Mumbai…… or Chicago...

If any readers have been / are involved in any local ‘alternative’ exchange / barter / trading system, they will know how negative government attitudes are towards any ideas that by-pass the ‘official’ transaction systems.  Guess why?  They create a fair, just and equitable ‘energy exchange system’.

So - one of the things that we can safely predict for the (probably distant) future is a cashless society, or at the very least a society where energy exchange tokens are used, instead of being worshipped, stolen, and abused.

But first, there are the banks, the businesses, the governments …… the worlds’ PTB…… a formidable barrier, but not insurmountable.  Nothing is too big to fail and fall, in the longer term…..


Wherami said...

They are indeed being crushed daily. We will see local trade and worth of energy sooner than most realize. Foundations are crumbling under the shoddy work . lies are exposed.

angelicview said...

Right on Transients Anonymous Guest Writer... Right On! :)

Linda said...

Yes, thanks Anonymous :) All empires eventually fall, and it's always because the citizens have taken their eye off the ball, being too busy at the ball game watching the gladiators, and forgotten their own sovereign power and rights. There have been times when I would have been up the creek without barter. I offer it, and it feels good to do, for both parties - wholesome. There's a very good book I have called 'LETS WORK Rebuilding the Local Economy ' by Peter Lang.
Great topic, it's the way to go, and everyone bar the governments, tax office, and the corps (oh I like that word now - Corporations will become 'Corpses' - dead and buried).

Linda said...

...hadn't finished (too much caffeine)....everyone bar the governements etc. love it. It also brings community together, keeps us aware of anyone who needs help, promotes co-operation, caring and sharing. I'm for all that. People also very take to it very easily because the benefits are obvious.

Linda said...

It's a really well written piece with some excellent points and I agree with most of them, however you can always grow your own food, in fact why aren't we all doing that already? Please, let's do that, then we'll ingest less poisons, and we can even grow from heirloom or eden seeds. Heck, we can even join a seed savers group and get the seeds that have been passed down through generations and have grown locally and so adapted perfectly to the local environment. My second concern is the point about the token society - all good I think, just so long as the token isn't situated under the skin. Casino chips would be pretty. Long day, forgive me if I've been messy headed. Clarity tomorrow.