Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The gift of Cats

By Linda George via The Waking Times, 25 November 2013

Life is becoming more complex by the day. We can all see and feel this complexity, this hijacking of our minds and our bodies – through the mainstream media’s incessant and insidious propaganda; through the steady invasion of toxins in our environment; the poisoning of our food, water and air.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that there is an agenda – the evidence is irrefutable – and it is about 
our enslavement. It’s a freaky and terrifying prospect.
One of the items on the agenda is to separate us from nature. This is happening in incremental steps. It is a gradual process designed to elicit our collusion in our enslavement and the progression to a post-human society that is our future. The more separated we are from the natural world, the more robotic and ‘enslaveable’ we become.
Clearly then, we need to wake up and smell the roses. Nature may be our only salvation from the Orwellian future that looms larger by the day –  because everything in the natural world is potentially healing. Being in nature, forests, beaches, mountains, gardens – and especially, in the company of animals, gives us an opportunity to become more whole. There is a gaping wound that is part of the human condition, and it is a wound in part inflicted, and perpetuated by the ego-mind. We all have the wound – it simply manifests in shades and variations on an individual level.
We know we come from the stars, from civilisations that were seeded in other parts of the universe. We know battles have been waged for the ownership of our bodies and our consciousness. In our ancient past, we were traumatised, physically and psychologically. The trauma continues on in us, to this day – just as the battle for possession of our minds, bodies and souls does. Our genetics are terrestrial and extra-terrestrial in origin. This means we humans are a composite – we are partly animal, but  because of the genetic manipulation, there has been a schism in our consciousness that has removed (in part at least) our connection to, and trust in, the healing powers of nature.
Connecting with nature is perhaps the only way to heal the wound of our humanness – because the wound constellates around our separateness. We feel fear and we relive old trauma – not as isolated incidents but as ongoing states of being because of our separateness. On some deep level, we know this – but feel powerless to change it. We are born into separation, we go through life feeling the pain of separation, and we die – alone. It is just the way it is. In between times, we project all our pain and longing – for connection, onto others – and then get to experience more pain through our relationship dramas (projections never work for long). If we are sufficiently conscious, we will withdraw our projections, own our stuff, and figure out how to get along with our lover, hopefully happily, in an insane world.
But even as we work our way through the psychological baggage of our shared trauma, and find some healing through our relationships, we cannot escape the insanity around us. And this is where our cats come in.
Animals are pure nature – naturally enough. Sadly we are not. We have been corrupted, or rather our minds have, and we have lost our intrinsic connection to the world we live in, to our planet and the cosmos. We no longer feel the natural rhythms of sun and moon and the stars, as mankind once did. We do not trust nature – to heal our bodies and soothe our souls. We are like aliens on our own planet. The animals don’t have anego-mind, so they have remained connected to the Earth. They trust nature and they live completely in the present. They are then, precious gifts for us – as they are our link to the natural world.
I spend a lot of time with my four Burmese cats. These exquisitely beautiful animals are highly intelligent – they have a level of consciousness that, frankly, puts a lot of humans to shame. Their  repertoire of emotions is vast; you can literally feel the joy, the contentment, the compassion, the naughtiness, and the love. They experience emotion, they respond to emotion – and it is pure – uncontaminated by fear, by the ego. Their personalities are unique – just as ours are (they have birth charts too, and it is quite apparent they ‘live their charts’ as we do). I’ve come to the conclusion that their vibrational frequency is very high. Because it is pure and free of the ego-mind – they have much to teach us. When they live with us, we get to enjoy the benefits of their high vibratory energy. I have read that in simply moving through our homes, they negate negative energies, changing the energetic fields around them to positive. The healing affects of a cat’s purr has been well established. Eckhart Tolle said, and I love this, “I have had many Zen masters as teachers – and all of them cats!”
We have had many experiences of our Burmese cats responding to our emotional states. Sylvie, who is 17, (and now sleeps for most of the day), has on many occasions comforted us when we’ve been upset. She just seems to know when one of us is hurting, and gets as close to our face as possible, purring, and rubbing her little face against ours – as if to say, ‘it’s okay, you will be fine, don’t cry.’ Her compassion has a powerful effect. How precious is that? Zeezee, our seal Burmese is one today – I can’t begin to tell you how much joy she has brought to our home in the past year. She is beauty personified – and so much more. Her intelligence is astonishing…..
We are a cat family but we love all animals – and of course, it doesn’t matter what your animal preference is, your dog, budgie,rabbit, horse – they are all capable of healing, reminding you of your inseparability….. We are part of this Earth, this Cosmos – as much as they are. We’ve just had this truth hidden from us. Our animals are our bridge, the way back to our ancient birth right – where we lived in peace, free from the tyranny of time and the ego-mind. This Oneness with the natural world is where our souls find healing. It is the place where our animals live – and through them, thank the divine Spirit for them, so can we.
I’m going to leave you with some powerful words by Morrissey – animal lover and voice for truth. Here is the link:
About the Author
Linda George is a writer, yogi, and evolutionary astrologer living in New Zealand.  She has been deeply involved in astrology, alternative health, spirituality and metaphysics for 35 years.  Author of two books on consciousness and astrology – both finalists in the Ashton Wylie Mind/Body/Spirit book awards, she is committed to joining with others in ‘spreading the word’ in these waking times. Please join us.   Her blog is
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Wherami said...

That is certainly true . the attempt to destroy our souls by weakening our connection to the Universe. I think thats what the awakening is though. People realizing that and feeling like they have been living a many year hangover. Now its time for coffee and to get sober and reconnect with Life.

Linda said...

Spot on! Great article! Thanks, Laron :) <3
Putting my belly to the earth today, and of course hugging and listening pusscat purrr. Very healing sound that one!
One of the things that makes life feel alright is the smell of coffee brewing in the morning, Whereami ;)

Linda said...'s a full on drug for the nervous system to handle, and the kidneys etc. Still, isn't it great to smell in the morning?!...herb tea is lovely too! Ok, I've made amends, Laron ;) haha

Laron said...

Coffee, hmmm

angelicview said...

Aahhhhh.... if only you had the PERFECT kitty picture to go along with this (oh, wait! Didn't your friend AngelicView send you one???) lol!

Any-hoo... I always thought I didn't like cats, but I never gave them a chance. So, synchronistic-ly, one was brought to my home and given to me. I will never look back. Kitties are gifts from God here to Love and to Heal. Now I have two. And I wouldn't trade 'em for any - one or any - thing <3