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'The Event' - A QHHT session by Suzanne Spooner with Ron Head

Below is an eleven minute video which is an excerpt from a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session which Suzanne Spooner conducted with Ron Head on November the 6th 2013.

Image credit to NASA

The information from it goes along the lines of what I have been touching more strongly on over the last year or so with regards to the earth changes and spiritual changes that we may know, or feel, is soon coming to a tipping point.

"We can't tell you whether it will be in December of this year, or December of next year or... don't ask us for that because it changes momentarily as you know. But you are bringing it nearer and nearer and nearer. There will an event which will change... which no one on your world will be able to deny. Brought about by the changes in your consciousness, the changes in your awareness, the changes in your hearts..."

I have transcribed the video below which you can read , or you can listen to it by clicking on the YouTube video also below. Note that this information from Ron / his higher self (which is said to be close to the source energy), is expanding on the many articles which I have posted in the past. I will post links to a few of them which directly relate, at the end of the transcript.

"...and as much that we can not, but, we will say your favourite word. Soon. We have spoken very recently about tipping points and about major changes and about things occurring behind the scenes. Which is another phrase which we understand you not liking very much.

Well, the curtains coming down very soon, very, very soon. There is going to be so much going on so fast, that if you try and keep up with it all you may not be able to.

There are cosmic alienments moving into place which will change everything. There are societal alienments coming into place very soon, which are changing everything. There are things which will change which have not even been decided yet, what their immediate outcomes will be. But they will cause much unease and we say to you be patient.

Look beyond the obvious.

Look for the way in which it will make things better or more possible.

Suzanne : Going back to that topic of things you can't discuss. Can you give us, from your perspective, some looks behind the scene, can you share anything with us so that we can understand whats being implemented to assist us coming up?

Ron : To begin with, there are huge battles being raged between factions in your governments and in your financial circles. Again. Behind the change makers and those clinging to the last threads of their old power structures. It is undercided by many exactly what actions they will take.

And if you ask any general he will tell you that battle plans are wonderful, but as soon as the battle begins you have to throw the plans out as none of them take into account what really will happen. And so we refrain from prognosticating, except when we are speaking far out enough into your future to tell you how it all turned out.

Notice we used the past tense.

We will tell you this... there will be no world wide conflagration. It is not that no one is trying to start one, they are. But there will not be one. Your world will not be destroyed. Its not allowed. You may see things happen which appear to be, at first glance terrible, chaotic.

We have spoken about chaos before.

If everyone who was involved in the old or to peacefully and amicably discuss with those who wish to do, how to bring better about, all of these things would be totally unnecessary would they not? But they will not do that. They have been asked repeatedly to do that, both in your reality and in our reality and they have refused.

They liked too much the baubles, they like too much the power or the appearance of power to give them up. And in many cases there are those who realise what their reaction to the world would be if it were known how they have spent their last several decades, so they are extremely fearful.

What we are saying is, when the tipping point comes, when the events begin, do not go into fear. As much as you can, stay in anticipation. Keep your focus as much as you can on the energetic and cosmic changes which are occurring within you. If you can keep your attention as much as possible on that, you will find it easier to deal with all of the other.

These will be more pronounced than here to for, because your now more able to deal with, and there will be... and we can not tell you whether it will be in December of this year, or December of next year or... don't ask us for that because it changes momentarily as you know. But you are bringing it nearer and nearer and nearer. There will an event which will change... which no one on your world will be able to deny. Brought about by the changes in your consciousness, the changes in your awareness, the changes in your hearts.

And never, ever, will you again ask when we pray, is there an answer. A possibility that you will not entertain ever again.

Suzanne : Well that's a cliff hanger if I had ever heard one.

Ron : You asked a question recently. You asked if the one known as Jesus would walk your earth again. And perhaps our answer was not very satisfactory, especially since it was basically no. But the one whom he brought there was told you would return.

That consciousness you are about to experience, that consciousness in an undeniable way, do not experience or expect to experience another being than your selves. Expect to experience that in your selves.

Now there are many, many, who will have experiences and not experience it in that way. Because they are not of the mind set, not of the learning, not of the understanding and therefore everything is us and them, me and he, I and you. But there are millions and millions and millions of you now that no longer think exclusively in that way and you will know.

As you keep learning and as you keep growing and as you keep tempting and as you keep helping each other and serving each other daily, momentarily, each of you bring that event closer.

It was promised, now do you see why you came there when you came?

Suzanne : Its beginning to make more sense.

Ron : What you don't see is for how hard and how long, you, have worked for this."

As mentioned earlier, here are a number of other articles you which directly relate to what this is all about.

The Gathering
Robert Monroe's astral travel experience on observing this whole situation from a viewpoint above the Earth as well as a whole lot of information about this period in time. (March 2013)

Bruce Moen, a student of Robert Monroe's, expands on 'The Gathering' event from his own astral travel experiences. (Sept 2013)

A Grand Meeting
A dream that a friend had back in August which I believe was meant to be shared with others. It relates to a meeting about this situation in question. (Aug 2013)

The Global Coastal Event
The global coastal event, as very accurately picked up by Clif High via the webbot, is a period of time which obviously begin back in May, that many earth changes would occur. While no sudden global catastrophic has happened so far, many of the changes which have been predicted have actually manifested.

You can find a full summary of the Global Coastal Event here, (May 2013)

You can also find my conclusion on the beginning of the Global Coastal Event, plus my thoughts around future predicting methods. I highly recommend this article of mine,
Doubts of the Global Coastal Event and the nature of Time in relation to future predicting methods

Courtney Brown, through his climate change remote viewing studies has also picked up a similar situation to the webbots Global Coastal Event.

Dolores Cannon
Here is an article based upon another QHHT session, done by Dolores Cannon herself. This information is a good summary around the 2012 changes going on. (From Book Three of Dolores Cannon's Convoluted Universe series) (July 2012)

Nostradamus and the Earth Changes
After going through three of Dolores Cannon's books, the 3 book series 'Conversations with Nostradamus', I brought together information on earth related changes into this one article.

I believe this series is the most accurate out there on Nostradamus's quatrain interpretations because of the QHHT method involved with getting the information. Dolores also speaks directly to Nostradamus himself. (July 2012)

She's our Home - The Shift in Consciousness
And finally, here is a culmination of many sources I have brought together into a very long article which is based broadly upon our spiritual changes and earth changes. (Feb 2013)


Wherami said...

everything you posted resonates :) a great collection!

Laron said...

Thanks WAI.

Linda said...

Excellent, Laron! I can't watch the video now, but it is a great collection....and perfect timing :)
". Keep your focus as much as you can on the energetic and cosmic changes which are occurring within you." As if I had a choice!!! LOL

Laron said...

Lucky I have a transcript of the Video for you then Linda =)

Linda said...

Lucky indeed! :)

Shamini G said...

Could this possibly be an event on a large scale similar to the GCE or something greater? Hmm...

Grace said...

Thank you for this transcript, Laron, No need to post my comment, just to let you know it's "baubles", and also The Event is something that some other sources have been speaking about for some time now. One such source is Cobra Just for info :)
Blessings, Grace

Laron said...

Thanks for stopping by Grace and for the referral on your blog =)

angelicview said...

Thanks so much for the transcript! :)

Rustam S. said...

I definitely won't "make it" to December of NEXT year...

Laron said...

Rustam, I was thinking something similar :-D

Laron said...

Shamani, the information I have written within the linked to articles above answers your question. If your still not sure we can talk about it in person when your back in Sydney =)

Rustam S. said...

What startles me still is that seems no one in contact with 'higher source' was able (or had enough patience and dedication) to get exact information to obtain knowledge of our 3rd density human reality 'time' illusion. Mechanisms of projecting events and processed of higher densities into our time illusion. I don't get it how it is absolutely random, i.e. I'm extremely tired of 'soon'.

Troy Robins said...

Very interesting. All makes sense. Here's another post that fits this picture to some degree:

Laron said...

Thanks Troy.

Laron said...

Rustam, I will note that down as a question to ask during an appropriate QHHT session in the future.

But I do think that this is a very complex event and because the human global consciousness is part of the equation, where humans do have around 30% free will, that it simply can't be put down to a date. Which I did not realise until recently.

While there are 3rd dimensional factors in play, such as the alignment of far away space objects and stellar energy waves and so forth, it seems that there is so much more from the other side involved. I think one thing we can be sure of, is that it is likely to happen within the next couple of years, or at least within the next decade, going by the current information out there.

Rustam S. said...

Thank you, Laron. You are right, it is very complex subject and one or even dozen of sessions even with high throughput will not resolve it. But what I meant, it has been for several decades by now - many had been making contacts. Many deceiving but some good. And we still got nowhere in understanding the Mystery.
And BTW I didn't mean dates, dates cannot be obtained, this I can understand. But If we understood underlying processes and their dynamics more thoroughly, we probably could measure 'progress' as we proceed in our illusion.
In other words, don't try to give us date estimations, but give us events, processes, their interdependencies and probabilities.