Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sun will 'flip upside down' within weeks, says Nasa

The independent has a good article covering the latest NASA news about the magnetic field of the Sun flipping within the week.

Extra geomagnetic storms are expected to occur during this time. But remember, this happens every 11 years as part of the suns solar cycle.

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Linda said...

! Laron, take a look at ISON latest pics on messagetoeagle. I posted a comment here, April I think, of a vision I had then of a huge white dove of light forging through the sky and heard "you are the dove" (and others of course) and was shown/given the feeling of others making their way easier to journey in the slipstream. Purposeful good always - to our experiences. This is what I saw! I was up right close with/was it....it's the big dove! Pretty cool.

Linda said...

I actually said moving through 'space'. This is great confirmation for me because it was right at that time I also had a dream/vision of a tsunami that was the most beautiful colour, and I was standing on the beach but there was nothing to fear, it was absolutely beautiful.

axinosp said...

Sun Pole Flip


Laron said...

Yeah I have seen that one. Every time the slightest something changes ISON gets a news story =)