Saturday, November 16, 2013

Shock long range UK weather forecast for winter 2013

The express in the UK has an article that I will link to below, which explains that the forecast for winter 2013-2013 in the UK is going to be exceptionally severe with a higher than average snowfall and plunging temperatures.

This is what we have been expecting for the northern hemisphere, those of us who have been following such sources as the webbot. Having the collapse of the polar vortex earlier in the year added to the situation.

The forecast in this article explains that bitter Arctic gales will be expected, which in turn will bring foot deep snow that will last up until February of 2014 with most of the UK being hit.

You can find the full article here,


Troy Robins said...

You're just trying to cheer me up Laron.

Laron said...

I love winter... I'm envious =)

Linda said...

Looks like a winter wonderland (hail) here in Queensland atm, Laron! 2nd day in 3 I've raced home to close forecast tune in needed these days methinks. 28C earlier, now brisk - pack for all seasons all days these days. Hope you stay toasty warm, Troy!