Monday, November 11, 2013

Michael Tsarion - Psychic Vampirism

Posted on YouTube on the 30th of September, Michael Tsarion discusses psychic vampirism, what is it, how to defend against it, and how it affects us on the micro level and the macro.

Michael Tsarion has a background with giving outstanding presentations on the western magical tradition, the hermetic arts of divination, atlantis and prehistoric ages, ancient ireland & the druids, astro-theology, the origins of evil, secret societies, the female illuminati, the war on consciousness, symbolism and symbolic literacy.

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Linda said...

I listened to this (or one like it) last year when I was interested in such things simply because I had so little understanding of it all. I thought that Michael would be interesting to hang with for a while because he has a sharp mind....but I'd probably tire of it quickly because I prefer to enjoy myself and love what I experience, and while these things may be curious and drama invoking...everything, everything we experience we must be frequency resonating if we don't like something...change it. Psychic vampirism isn't something I think I'd enjoy, so I'll leave it to those who get a kick out of it (at some level at least) and know that I'm being brought experiences that assist my growth. It's just not my cup of tea, but for those who it is, well I hope they relish in it. Perhaps when I'm a full blown light being, I'll join them every now and then, and kick ass! :) Attitude's everything right?!