Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ISON: Facts, Online Tools, Resources, and Discussion

Suspicious0bservers on YouTube has a 24 minute video below, purely based upon Comet ISON.  Ben goes into detail on a number of aspects of Comet ISON such as the brightness factor, but what may be most interesting to people is the possible relation between Comets causing solar flares on the Sun.

The theory is, when a comet goes past the sun, a CME occurs. So if the comet is between the Sun and the Earth, and a CME occurs, the Earth can then be impacted. There are many discussions going on, on the internet about this theory and there is a bit of concern around the impact of Comet ISON on our Sun as it comes closer to the Earth and gets between the Sun and the Earth.

ISON, taken by Bruce Gary on the 2nd of November

As a reminder, Comet ISON will be closest to the Earth on December the 26th. On January 15th, Comet ISON's debri stream will arrive at earth, so we may see an increase in meteor showers then.

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