Thursday, November 14, 2013

Everything we need to know about Fukushima in 11 minutes

I can't say if this is accurate, the title of the video as I borrowed it from another site and I am not an expert on the topic, but this 11 minute YouTube video posted on the 29th of October does have a great summary of the situation and timeline around the ongoing radiation leakage at Fukishima.

The predicted radiation fallout after the tsunami back in March, 2011

The tsunami that hit the area back in March 2011, as a result of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake nearby, is of course the original cause behind this whole situation.


Wherami said...

We are Fukushima'd.

Alex V said...

This is beyond fear porn, is the hangover after the nuclear party. I wonder why japan has suffered from atomic bombs twice and now fukushima. Is it karma from ancient times, did they have something to do in Atlantis or Lemuria fall?. We are about to repeat (at a higher cost) history again.

LightPaige said...

You said it, Whereami! Holy Fuk'ushima!

LightPaige said...

Better yet... Fuk U Shima!

Linda said...

'Shima', means Mother in Navajo. Fukushima means? Mother - ------ Noooo.
I have a good friend named Shima, and he's a light that shines, like the world's attention on Fukushima is now. Light it up, transmute it. Shima on folkies!