Friday, November 15, 2013

Comet ISON update for Solar System Scope

Michael from Solar System Scope (, just informed me that there has been an update made to their Comet ISON interactive space modelling system.

When you visit their website you will now be able to switch to the view of ISON from Earth, just as like you are looking up into the night sky at the constellations and planets and so forth. Here is a screen shot of the update.

You can find the button to do this in the top left corner. "Switch to Earth"

This is a very handy update for those amateur astronomers out there and for those who plan to try and find ISON with the naked eye.

I suggest you manually click on the bottom timeline graph and drag the little down facing pointer along left or right to watch Comet ISON move through the skies. Another suggestion is that you click and drag on the actual image in the middle to change the location of what your viewing.

For those that haven't memorised the dates, the 28th of December is when Comet ISON will be closest to Earth. The 28th of November is when Comet ISON will turn around the Sun on its way back towards Earth and in mid January, Comet ISON will no longer be visible to the naked eye.

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