Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Comet ISON gives perplexing performance on route to the Sun

Space.com has gathered a number of quotes from various amateur astronomers which goes towards the premise that Comet ISON is defiantly not like any other Comet ever observed. As some of us know, there has been talk that Comet ISON is not actually a comet, but a bunch of interstellar space ships.

2nd of November - 2x zoom with lower brightness setting, showing the innermost coma (which is red). - Bruce Gary

So when we hear strange reports about Comet ISON, our imagination runs wild and I know the first thing I think of every time I hear a mention that something is not right about the comet, is the UFO theory.

Tolec on Comet ISON - 'This is a large scale ship operated by Galactic Federation forces'
ISON : A comet or a spaceship?

Above are two articles relate to that possibility.

Getting back to the point, the amateur astronomers out there have reported that ISON simply looks odd. Because of the distance from the Sun right now, the Comet should not look the way it looks, basically.

RGB type true color image of Comet ISON, on Oct 31 - Bruce Gary

Bruce Gary is quoted as saying, "The comet (coma plus tail) continues a dramatic brightening trend that started Oct 19. The inner coma has brightened (due perhaps to an outburst of gases). This next week could be busy - and exciting!"

Its not long now until Comet ISON approaches Earth, as on the 26th of December it will be at its closest position to us.

For those that may have missed it, you can see an interactive model of Comet ISON and the dates surrouding the important events within this post,
Comet ISON - Information on the trajectory from Solar System Scope

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