Saturday, November 9, 2013

C(Lie)mate #2 - CO2 & Solar Connection

Ben / Suspicious0bservers just released an interesting video looking at the CO2 and Solar Connection.

Within this 11 minute video, Ben breaks down a number of points from another couple of climate related videos of his, "They Want to Blame You" and 'C(Lie)mate #1:'.

All of this relates to the pattern surrounding the magnetic poles flipping on the sun and the sun becoming weaker and weaker each solar cycle, which in turn relates to sun spots disappearing and a loss or lack of magnetic strength on the Sun. This is what is going on right now.

All of this activity impacts the jet streams and creates terrible winters in the Northern Hemisphere. In other words, as the Clif High via the webbot has predicted, a coming ice age may be on the way.

If your new to all of this, its not something your going to pick up and understand strait away. I suggest you look into the past individual videos which Suspicious0bservers has relased through his YouTube channel such as 'Energy From Space' and the two others mentioned above.


LightPaige said...

With ISON's trek, I think the coming months will be very telling. There are YouTubers, like BPEarthwatch and Dahboo77, who've been reporting some idiosyncrasies, anomalies and such with ISON and how a majority of the recent flares have been directed at the comet. As it continues its approach then loops around the sun, Earth's orbit will be in alignment with ISON's projected path outward...which basically means, if the sun continues to spurt these huge flares toward the comet, then, essentially, those flares will be directly impacting earth as we enter its debris field. Here's one video that explains some of this:

I think a lot of us here sense we've got something major ahead of us in the near future.

Laron said...

Sounds fascinating LP. I may have to look into that.