Monday, November 11, 2013

Aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan - Ten thousand reported dead has more images on the vent here (Thanks Connie)

Via The Watchers, 10 November 2013

The most powerful typhoon to make landfall in recorded history, Super Typhoon Haiyan, slammed the Philippines on November 7/8, 2013 with extensive and powerful winds gusting up to 380 km/h (235 mph). Besides powerful winds, storm surges of up to 3 - 5 meters (10 - 17 feet) that swept into coastal areas and deep inland were responsible for destroying countless homes and claiming lives.

According to latest estimates, more than 10 000 people are feared dead, which makes it the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded in the Philippines. In 1991 Tropical Storm Thelma (Uring) killed over 5 000 people in Leyte but until Haiyan, the deadliest disaster in the Philippines was in 1976, when a tsunami triggered by a magnitude 7.9 earthquake devastated the Moro Gulf on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, killing between 5 000 and 8 000 people.

Scenes from road in Tacloban, Leyte (Credit: Robert Speta)

If you wish to help please donate to the Philippine Red Cross -

The casualties from Super Typhoon Haiyan, which affected 4.3 million people in 36 provinces, occurred despite preparations that included the evacuation of more than 800 000 people. The National Risk Reduction and Management Council said more than 70 000 families were affected, and nearly 350 000 people were displaced - inside and outside evacuation centers.

More than 80% of the houses and structures along the typhoon's path were destroyed.

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Linda said...

Let's also send our prayers for all the injured, hungry and homeless, displaced from their loved ones animals, as well as the wild life.

It seems to me the Philippines have had so very much natural strife. Bless them all.

Linda said...

What do you quiet folks out there make of this? I really don't like the fact that the Philippines has had so many tragedies re weather. Yes, I believe that we all are where we're supposed to be at this time so long as we're listening to our intuition and guidance....but why are there not more people talking about this??? Michio Kaku is highly respected, and I think we should be taking note. It's from 'dutchsinse' and it's about microwave pulse causing the typhoons.

dutchsinse has uploaded November 10, 2013: Microwave beam forms Tropical Storm 'Zoraida' - rotation begins upon pulse
November 10, 2013: Microwave beam forms Tropical Storm 'Zoraida' - rotation begins upon pulse
by dutchsinse
ALL LINKS BELOW! Please share (or) click the remix button to get a copy of your own. :) As shown in this video, a microwave beam went into the area, the area began to rotate, and now a storm has formed, and grown to the point of becoming a named system.... "ZORAIDA". This new storm is moving along the same track as the previous storms: ___________ This post includes screenshots, also multiple research papers, military documents, and explanations how Radio Frequency induces weather effects (explained by Dr. Michio Kaku, shown in laboratory experiments, and seen on CNN, ABC News, and the Weather Channel). __ This literally happened the LAST FOUR STORMS.. here is my most recent video on Haiyan __