Sunday, November 3, 2013

1200+ Nuclear fuel assemblies to be removed from Fukushima #4

Here is a decent up to date article below around the situation of the upcoming fuel assembly removals at Fukushima. I believe this is happening around tomorrows date.

There are reported to be more than 1200 spent nuclear fuel assemblies which are being removed from a cooling pool above ground. This is said to be a very high risk project and it could cause additional radiation leakage.

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Linda said...

Laron, that was posted by you at 1:44pm.....I think "she'll be right, mate!" We have help, but everyone, please see this being safely and very easily done :). All are happy when they've finished it. Smiles all round folks.

Laron said...

Indeed Linda!

Wherami said...

To add to that