Friday, October 11, 2013

The Sacred Science - Official Trailer

"The Sacred Science is a gem of a film about healing, a film whose many facets include herbalism, spirituality, psychedelia, energy balancing, social communion, and an abiding love for the wisdom of nature. It’s deep respect for the healing power of the shamanic traditions of the Amazon would be an excellent counterbalance to the hyper-analytic focus in American medical schools today."- Rick Leskowitz, MD, ABHMHarvard Medical School
"This is a world-class documentary with a powerful, revolutionarymessage. This film transcends western medicine and highlights awhole new realm of healing and discovery." - Mine Adams

Thanks to Connie for the link.


LightPaige said...


Need I say more?

angelicview said...

This looked really good so I did some checking into it - it seems it was released in 2012, if I'm not mistaken, and can be watched in full for $1.99. I'll put the link here for you, and then it looks like you click on the green rectangle that's on the right that says "From 1.99". That will take you to a screen that asks if you want to buy it or rent it. Here's the link:

Laron said...

Ta AV ;-)

angelicview said...

No, I take that back. You can watch it for FREE right now (until Oct 17th) (they probably mean Oct 17th on my side of the world) ;) ! I'll put in the link for you. You have to put in your name (I just put my 1st name) and your email address, and the full movie will open up. Here's the link:

LightPaige said...

Even better! Thanks AV!

angelicview said...

You're welcome :)

I just finished watching it, it was really good. A bit of a tear-jerker in places.

LightPaige said...

Indeed! I just finished watching it and, touched me deeply, and at one point I just sobbed out loud.

I'm so grateful to you for providing the link to the free screening, enabling me to see it and share it with others who will be touched and motivated by this movie too.

I would love to go there and experience this healing. Wow.