Friday, October 11, 2013

Sun's magnetic poles fully reversed in October

TimeStar News has reported that the Sun's magnetic poles have now fully reversed. Going by a graph produced over at, the north and south (Red and Blue below) magnetic poles have crossed over the equator to reverse polarities.

I'm sure there will be some good details around this event released soon through various news sources out there.


LightPaige said...

Wow...I must say, this is confirmation for something I fully sensed. This must be the reason why my 7 year old was positively bouncing off the walls last weekend and into this week. He's normally quite energetic, like most kids, but this was he was trying to jump out of his own skin! Admittedly, I too was a bit frantic for a few days, but noticed a completion yesterday. So, if I had to guess, I'd put money on the finalization of the pole flip early this week. I'd love to know what others went through.

fairyfloss said...

Hi LP Its good to hear that someone else has been physically sensing this too... I've been like an ever ready battery that doesn't stop and have been wondering when I might get tired finally... 2 weeks of energy day and night ,couldn't shut down my body for sleeping.... our 4 year old poodle has also been crazy hyperactive for the same timeframe. I woke up today feeling so much calmer and our poodle hasn't stop sleeping all day today!!!

LightPaige said...

YES YES YES FF! That's what I mean... that energy, wow! Thanks for sharing your experience with this, it's neat to know when others are going through it too :)