Friday, October 25, 2013

A Solar Flare with an X-Ray Flux of X 1.7 just occurred

Within the last hour an X-Ray Flux X 1.7 solar flare just finished doing its thing on the sun. This is the first X class solar flare since back in May. Since the 22nd of October, this would be the 10th solar flare above C 9.4.

So in summary, flaring activity has been very high since the 22nd and this large X 1.7 solar flare has just come along.

(Sunspot acitivty from 24 hours ago.) "These sun spots earth facing are probably the best of the year so far in terms of visual intensity." - Suspicoius0bservers

So what does this mean? The recent flaring activity has caused temporary signal degradation for Earth. reported today that the Earth's magnetic field is about to receive a glancing blow from three CMEs observed leaving the Sun between Oct. 20th and 22nd because of their strength. Forecast models have suggested that the three clouds merged en route to Earth, and that their combined impact could trigger a mild polar geomagnetic storm on Oct. 24-25".  So in a couple of days we may see more of an impact on Earth's electrical systems as a result of this X class flare on top of the current predicted activity.

I suggest you keep your eye on Suspicious0bservers daily 3/4/5 MIN News videos you his YouTube channel. By my estimate, he will have another one released in a few hours reporting on this X class flare. Also will have an update about it soon, I am sure.

Back on the 7th of August, I reported that NASA had confirmed the 11 year solar maximum cycle was coming to its flipping stage. NASA said that in 3-4 months time the sun's magnetic field would flip. We are coming up on three months now since August.  And recently, on the 11th of October I posted this article, 'Sun's magnetic poles fully reversed in October' which showed proof that the sun's magnetic poles have now fully reversed.

Back in May there was a series of X class flares which I reported on. The largest was a 3.2 as discussed here.

NOAA has not registered any activity from this X 1.7 flare on their graphs yet.

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