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Resonance in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids

Along with the article below in relation to the Bosnian Pyramids, there is also an article over on topinfopost.com about the Pyramids being built with Geopolymer Cement.

By Alex Putney via the Waking Times, 18 October 2013 (Thanks Rick)

Archeological and geophysical research on monumental pyramids all over the globe have informed a significant turning point in our collective understanding of the great antiquity of human civilization on this planet. Among the many recent discoveries of buried pyramids in several regions of the world, a few densely populated European countries have yielded an array of spectacular surprises.

Entire complexes of ancient Paleolithic monuments have been uncovered by recognition of their highly geometric characteristics. A trio of low angle synthetic sandstone pyramids have been identified in Montevecchia, Italy in the foothills of the Alps, while a larger complex of six monumental stone structures with interlinking tunnels was discovered by Dr. S. Osmanagic in Bosnia’sVisoko Valley in 2005.
International recognition of the many archeological and geophysical studies conducted in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids has inspired hundreds of thousands of visitors to tour the location, which has since become the world’s largest concerted archeological excavation project. After initial denials by archeological authorities in government and Egyptology circles, Dr. Osmanagic has very convincingly uncovered and presented a remarkable complex of artificial architectural structures.
The most notable geometric features of the Visoko Valley sacred site can be easily appreciated from aerial surveys of the ancient complex of resonant stone structures, each having been shaped, fa├žaded and terraced according to a clear design plan that accommodated the natural landscape. Previously named Visocica Hill, it is now recognized as the world’s largest pyramid, rising to 220m in height at an angle of 45°. The site was immediately recognized by Osmanagic for the exact orientation of the three planar faces of the pyramid to the cardinal directions. Designated as the Pyramid of the Sun, subsequent discoveries have revealed a large complex of monuments now known to including the Pyramid of the Moon, Temple of the Earth, Pyramid of Love, Pyramid of the Dragon and the Vratnica Tumulus.
These massive ancient stone buildings functioned collectively with each other and with every other megalithic monumental site in the world, precisely geopositioned in alignment with a distribution pattern defined by this author during the same time period of the discovery of the Visoko Valley complex. The Sanskrit mandala represents this global resonance pattern to which all sacred sites conform, identified in previous research as the quadratic function [ zn+1 = zn2 ] corresponding to the spherical projection of infrasound standing waves transduced by the piezoelectric stones of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (43.977°N 18.176°E) is 1,199 miles from the Great Pyramid, comprising 4.82% or approximately1/21 of the Earth’s mean circumference of 24,892 miles. This sacred distance interval also corresponds to 1/4 of the 19.1% Fibonacci distance from the Great Pyramid to the temples of Angkor Wat (19.1 / 4 = 4.775). This geospacial relationship enables acoustic resonance between these giant monuments, designed to transduce planetary infrasound at 33 discrete frequencies well below the audible range of human perception. Infrasound recordings were obtained by Professor P. Debertolis (>10 Hz limit), showing highest intensity in the ultra-low frequencies. These imperceptible frequencies proceed in a slightly fluctuating structure at harmonic intervals of 5.6 Hz above and below 7.83 Hz.

This special frequency threshold of 7.8 Hz corresponds to alpha brainwave patterns measurable by EEG and associated with relaxation, healing, lucid visualization and the threshold of dream states. The fundamental infrasonic resonance of the world’s pyramid network is presently anchored at 1.45 Hz, in the range of the human heartbeat at the 233m wavelength to which the Great Pyramid’s base length was calibrated. A water cavitation pump system, now inoperable, once drove the Great Pyramid at 1.45 Hz.
Infrasound-induced ground fires ravaged the town of Peschici, on Italy’s Gargano Peninsula in July, 2007 (circled, above), having been spontaneously ignited by standing waves focused by the Great Pyramid:
The thing that surprised him, was to acknowledge that… the flames seemed to gush from the earth itself. Without warning, while walking, you could see the smoke and immediately after that, flames arising from the ground. That’s it, out of nowhere. They managed to fix the situation by running back and forth for hours, with water buckets at hand, in order to put out the mysterious fires that seemed to escape from under the ground.
Peschici, Italy (41.95°N 16.01°E) is 1,182 miles from the Great Pyramid, comprising 4.74% of Earth’s mean circumference distance. Ultra-low frequency observations can be easily made to verify this conclusion, yet those scientific authorities charged with investigating these piezoelectric fires have not been able to resolve the cause, totally unaware of imperceptible dangers threatening many communities in similar circumstances in Italy, especially Sicily, and at hundreds of other locations worldwide.

Another set of clear patterns in the local distribution of the various megalithic monuments of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids also confirms their calibration for efficient acoustic energy storing in the ultra-low frequency range of the human heartbeat. The 440m base length of the Sun Pyramid and its 220m height endow the monument with a fundamental resonant frequency of 1.5 Hz, matching the resting heartbeat frequency for the induction of tri-thalamic entrainment and collective telepathic consciousness.
The distances between construction sites selected for these psychoacoustic monuments conform to integer multiples of this crucial 220m heartbeat wavelength. For example, the Vratnica Tumulus is 3,960m directly northeast of the Sun Pyramid (above), a distance that is 18 times the height of the Sun Pyramid (220 x 18 = 3,960). In turn, the apex of the Sun Pyramid is 2,200m from the apex of the Pyramid of the Dragon (below), or 10 times the chosen resonant wavelength (220 x 10 = 2,200).
Continuing this distinct heartbeat wavelength dispersal pattern, the apex of the Pyramid of Love was constructed 440m from the apex of the Pyramid of the Sun, or twice the chosen 220m wavelength. The apex of the Pyramid of Love is 1,320m from the apex of the Temple of the Earth, a distance that comprises 6 times the chosen wavelength (220 x 6 = 1,320). In addition, the central axes of all three of these monumental structures, devoted to the Sun, Love and the Earth, conform to a perfect linear alignment. An underlying geometric plan for the entire complex has been exquisitely laid out.

The apex of the Pyramid of the Dragon is situated precisely 2,200m from the apex of the Pyramid of the Moon. Constructed exactly along this alignment is the Temple of the Earth at a distance of 880m from the Pyramid of the Dragon (220 x 4 = 880) and 1,320m from the Pyramid of the Moon (220 x 6 = 1,320). These alignments and repeating proportional relationships apply to all of the valley’s major structures.

Two low-angle tumuli recently discovered near the village of Ginje form a southeastern extension of the valley complex. The distance from the Pyramid of the Dragon to the first Ginje Tumulus is 1,760m, or 8 times the chosen wavelength (220 x 8 = 1760). Continuing along the same axis, the second Ginje Tumulus is located 440m from the first, and 2,200m from the Pyramid of the Dragon (above).
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