Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Daily Astrology Forecast Wednesday 2nd October, 2013 - Neptune's Magic

via Neptune's Magic, Wednesday 2nd OCtober 2013 - Today the Sun squares Pluto. This is a strong aspect and could bring out some of the deeper and darker feelings for some people, repressed jealousies or anger- jealousy is usually about fear of abandonment in psychology language.

This is not necesarily a bad thing. Its good to meet our shadow self now and again.
The moon is with Mars for some of the day so some strong reactions could occur amongst families in particular or globally in specific groups who have to analyse situations as the moon is in Virgo.

As the strong aspects are for global matters, I am sure there will be some backlash in Government quarters as well, as there is much unrest in the world just now.
Uranus is trine Pallos so this helps on the global or community level for revolutionary reforms to be discussed or instigated.

 Its good for the individual as it encourages us to do things different to what is expected- this in turn brings a different reaction from those who may be digging in their heels especially if its an option that will bring us into the present and even future with breakthroughs that are more hunamitarian and where everyone benefits.

The aspects today go deeper than thinking about things as a mere possibility - they are suggesting some fairly strong action with some hopefully good results. But not everyone is going to be happy.

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