Sunday, October 27, 2013

Conversations With... Jim Self and Barbara Hand Clow 2013

Within this 20 minute YouTube video on the channel MasteringAlchemy, Barbara Hand Cow and Jim Self are interviewed. Barbara Hand Cow is known for her astrology work and various books she has published (I have read one of them). She begins talking about the time period around 2012 in relation to Astrology.

Video Description : In this special episode to mark the fall equinox, Jim Self and Barbara Hand Clow will once again share their guidance, insights, and perspectives on:

*What we can expect from the 4th Pluto-Uranus Square on November 1 (2013)
*Creating in the Quantum Fields
*What it means to "resonate with Nature"
*Exploring the Nine Realms of Consciousness
*Moving beyond the energetic limitations of time and space

Thanks to Connie for the link to this.

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