Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 309 with Stephanie South ("Red Queen") and "Law Of Time" Videos

Stephanie South / Red Queen was recently interviewed on Bridging Heaven & Earth. I haven't seen this show/channel before, but I know its rare that Stephanie does interviews. A full description of the video is below. The show is around an hour in length.

"Stephanie is author of "2012: Biography of a Time Traveler and Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: The Visionary Life and Work of José Arguelles". As the protege of Dr. José Argüelles, she worked with him over the past ten years on the Noosphere II project, an exploration into the inner realms of consciousness based on galactic time science. She is co-author with Argüelles of the seven volume "Cosmic History Chronicles (2005 -- 2011)", and is creative director of the Foundation for the Law of Time

Stephanie recently conducted a three-day meditation retreat in Mt.Shasta, California in fulfillment of the 26-year prophecy cycle of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 and inaugurating the New Galactic Beam: Just as one beam ended on 21 December 2012, a New Beam has begun as of July 26, 2013: The Beam of Universalized Synchronicity.

Presently, she is completing the book: "Accessing Your Multidimensional Self, a Key to the Cosmic History Chronicles", and promoting galactic culture through a new frequency revolution based on Love, Art and Synchronicity! She holds the dream of everyone on the Planet remembering their cosmic origin all at once."


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Added 20th October : I found this interesting comment to the blog post that Stephanie made about this video. Here it is below.

"this past crystal worldbridger myself and heather, magnetic worldbridger, were camping on a very special beach in peniche, portugal. we shared a changa dmt spliff and what a revelation…
i remember at the 7 day earth wizards seminar VV was answering peoples questions and one particular answer really stuck with me. it was to question about what will happen on 21/12/2012. VV explained using the metaphor of taking a psychoactive substance and he particularly mentioned ayahuasca (vision component being dmt) and he said it will be like this that before u take the psychoactive, “things” appear in a certain way (normal), but after taking the substance those very same “things”have a completely new(somehow higher) quality. he said that it will probably be like this, that the quality of reality will shift and that we will have to be prepared to “navigate” in this new reality.
well i just want to share that the structure of the rainbow bridge is already here, but literally we can see it when our pineal gland has a higher level of dmt activated. it’s still in it’s “skeletal” phase, like the hunab ku 21 is the weave of the 441 so literally the loom of maya is the weave of the noosphere. during my past ayahuasca ceremonies and dmt experiences i see the loom imprinted all over the sky. it is predominently violet but when u go into it u can see the entire rainbow spectrum. also what i realized during these sessions is that when we have this higher level of dmt present in our pineal gland our mind and the noosphere connect at such a level that it is almost impossible to discern oneself as an individual and the 3D reality reacts
instantaneously to ones thoughts through pure funky 3D syncs. an example: during the ayahuasca experiences i’d have a reflection about life, reality, myself, etc – profound level, and literally as these thoughts happen a church bell goes off on the other side of the valley, or a truck driving down the mountain hoots it’s horn :::)
so i was thinking why aren’t we seeing this on a daily basis yet… well during this interview, in the beginning, you are explaining the rainbow bridge and u so perfectly say that once it appears no more negativity can come into our planet. and this is the thing… during this crystal worldbridger travel i realized that when we, as humans still in matter, are on this level of being we are very vulnerable. i realized that to function on this level with ease one needs to know that unconditional love is the norm of human being amongst people because before we could find our feet so to say on this level we would seriously have to work out a lot of “our personal” issues – which with such an increase in dmt wouldn’t take long at all :) but it would be an intense process for most people surely. so we first really need to go into unconditional love, non-judgemental, non-dualistic states of being. clear the negativity here on earth between ourselves first, before we can project, so to speak, the rainbow bridge into full splendour.
we have the hunab ku presently feeding on a plasmic cloud and set to go boom sometime in the not too distant future. will this new info wave that will literally saturate our spheres stimulate our pineal gland to release new levels of dmt on our day to day level functioning??? for sure!
with coherence of thought, on this level, 144 000 sitting down and doing the rainbow bridge med together – wooosh the loom will light up right there and then, and this will just be the beginning of this planetary art spore.
hihi heather went as far as lying back and saying: “dmt is everywhere… god is dmt” aaah happy hippies sending love to rainbow queens and kings in this coming of the psychedelic dawn!
ahoooooo dreaming the highest of highes!"


Laron said...

Just updated this post with a comment I found interesting, see above if you have already read this.

angelicview said...

This looks quite fascinating. I am currently finishing up a Dark Matter video and I'll put this one as next to watch. :)

Laron said...

Videos sure take a long time to watch, don't they!

angelicview said...

Yeah, especially since I don't even finish one in one day. I take a couple of days per video. :)