Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Australia’s NSW goes up in flames with the worst bushfires in decades

I thought I had better make a post about the situation here to the west of me. I am in the city of Sydney on the right side coastal area, so I am safe, but as you can see on the below map, a number of forested and residential areas have been burnt out (the black bordered/shaded areas) and many fires are still burning.

More than two hundreds homes have been lost so far.

You can find a live map here with the latest information where I produced those images from,

A zoomed out angle on the NSW state. 

The Guardian has a recent article up here explaining the situation.

You can also find a YouTube video below that was posted a day ago about the situation. 

And the Sydney Morning Herald news site has live updates with time stamps here,

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j.bradbury said...

Glad to hear you are safe.