Thursday, October 24, 2013

Athanasios Komianos - Memories from the Future:The Valley of Roses

Below is a two hour YouTube video with Athanasios Komianos that took place at the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Virginia Beach for the VB friends of the IANDS on September 14 2013. At the beginning of the video its mentioned the below topics are going to be talked about,

-'Assessing the benefits of an NDE without having one'
-'How you don't have to die to have a similar experience to an NDE'
-'The understandings and implications around the soul surviving physical death'
-'Discussion on the transformative experience of life between lives regression' (this is what I now do -Laron)
-'The self healing ability of human beings and how to tune into it'

Nasos Komianos is a Certified Hypnotherapist & Certified Regression Therapist and also the president of the European Association for Regression Therapy.

But the focus is on an amazing experience that took place in 1921 involving a visit from someone in the future, from the year 3906 AD. The description from the video states, "Nassos Komianos summarized the whole story and insights of the Swiss teacher Paul Amadeus Dienach, who slipped in a rare state of consciousness, called narcolepsy for almost a year. When he recovered he came back with memories of another person (actually his future embodiment), a physicist named Andreas Northam, who lived in the future. The professor of the future had an accident involving an NDE and when he recovers, he has been possessed by the personality of our twentieth century teacher (or actually his own former persona). 

He cannot recognize any of his loved ones and speaks a foreign tongue that no one comprehends. Not only that but he suffers from another ailment, he never sleeps. The body of our Swiss teacher is constantly asleep and the body of the man of the future is constantly awake. The physicians of the future examine him thoroughly but cannot explain the phenomenon and they think it is a consequence of his momentary death. 

They began re-educating the new persona of their once famous physicist. During this process of re-education, Dienach is taught what took place for those two millennia. What happened in history, and how things evolved, is strikingly shocking and flaringly interesting. When the Swiss teacher came out of his narcoleptic coma in 1922, he began writing all his memories from the future. Later, he was struck by tuberculosis and left all his transcripts to his Greek student, and died at the age of 38. After 44 years, this student became the Dean of the Panteion University of Athens he published, with a lot of reservations, this unique experience."

Thanks to Esta for the link.

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