Sunday, October 6, 2013

All of that and then some

Via talk2momz, October 1 2013

Heaven as a state of being… I like it. Heaven as a permanent state of being with no fall-downs… I’d like that even more! But for me, fall-downs happen… maybe for you too. So how do we get back into awareness of the divinity of ourselves and of all that is, after we’ve fallen?

Spiritual and metaphysical teachers give us a lot of methods for raising our energy, and they’re beautiful. They work! But in the denser states of illness or emotional distress, it’s not as easy as we may think to stop the mind from churning in order to effectively use the methods that we have learned and practiced.

So why do we fall? Could be the darkness of the world, or an assault from someone with ill intent, could be inner unresolved stuff, or could be simply ‘shit happens’. When it happens to us we can lose our connection. At that point we are not only suffering from the illness or the life situation, we experience a deep ‘not home’ spiritual discomfort as well.

When the connection with the divinity of life is broken, we know it. I’ve done it, and have found myself thinking… this is not me… where am I? We begin to ‘miss’ ourselves.

So how do we return? As long as we have a feeling memory of a person who embodies it, a place or an event where we felt it, or a memory of our own state of being in spiritual wellness, we can return to that feeling memory and pull it to us in the present moment.

The way I spoke about it just now, one might think it an easy process… just become conscious of the feeling. Well, sometimes it’s not so easy as we may not have the reserve energy. But it is possible. I’ve been looking at what works as a method for raising my own energy when I’m inside of a fall-down and my resolve is a bit too weak.

First step, know what’s going on and get some rest. Sleep if you can and meditate if you can. Stay away from people who are into suffering, or attacking, or negative thinking… and stay away from low energy places. Walks in nature are great if you’re able to do it. It’s possible your energy state can change just by the exposure to nature. But if life keeps you from that nature walk, or your mind keeps you from your meditation, music just might be the thing to turn it around.

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