Sunday, October 27, 2013

8 Futuristic modes of clean green transportation

By Arjun Wallia via Colelctive Evolution, 24 October 2013

It’s almost 2014, and many people around the world are starting to recognize the obvious need to transition our ways of life to something that is harmonious with the planet and all life upon it.  Now is our window of opportunity to change the way we operate here. We have developed a number of ways to operate in a clean, non fossil fuel burning type of existence. The systems of economics, politics and finance are used as an excuse as to why we cannot implement these new ways of life right now.

They provide justification for corporations to push forward their agendas. whatever they may be, while the planet continues to suffer.Simply put, they threaten multiple corporate interests. Every day and every second, more people are feeling the need to let the world know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Check out these 7 futuristic modes of clean green transportation that could help transition our world and assist us on entering a path that resonates with the majority of people on planet Earth.

1. Planet Solar has built the worlds largest solar boat ever made, dubbed the Turanor which means power of the sun. It is extremely light, manufactured from carbon and utilizes electric motorization. It has 6 blocks of lithium-ion battery power which maximizes power and energy density. It’s powered by over 5,380 square feet of solar paneling. It’s one great example of how we don’t need to use fuel. It was launched in March, 2010 in Kiel, Germany and took only 14 months to construct. It has already completed an entire trip around the globe, completely powered by solar energy. 

2. The Kestral is the worlds most Eco-friendly car, constructed entirely out of hemp. The car is powered electrically and is said to be the worlds first car made entirely out of hemp. This is however, a common misconception. The worlds first car made entirely out of hemp was built by Henry Ford in 1941. The car was constructed from hemp and it was also designed to run on hemp bio-fuel.  The hemp constructed car is lighter than glass fiber yet more powerful than steel.

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