Thursday, September 26, 2013

What is a 'Star Seed'?

Earth is one of many planets in the known universe. Humans and other forms of life inhabit the Earth. When taking reincarnation into account, while experiences or 'lives' on Earth are not just limited to being born into a human host body, there are opportunities to have experiences on other planets and locations in the Universe.

Think of another planet elsewhere in the universe, which may have a different atmosphere and different conditions all round, which would determine the look of any life on such a planet. From the physical height, shape and limbs. Now imagine that instead of the energy being having an experience and a life on Earth, that they usually have a life on this other planet, or multiple planets that may be similar to certain conditions centered around that one planet.

Image from Nasa

Now, don't limit your self to thinking third dimensional here, as some races in the physical third dimensional universe have reached a stage where they are able to exist in the multi-verse, which is my term for multiple dimensions. Specifically the third and the 5th. So this relates not just to movement between the two, but for communication.

Some races would have mastered astral projection and would likely have devices that could enable them to move out of their body at will, for those who are primarily located on a physical third dimensional world or other location. (moon, ship, starbase, etc) Or, they simply think it and it happens. What this means is that they would be more connected with their 'immortal soul', which is what I am calling our source soul that sends part of its energy out to gain experiences, such as through an earth life here. (separate to what some may call the 'higher self')

You have to keep thinking outside the box here. Not all physical existences in the third dimensional space (as in physically located in the third dimension, in the universe, such as on earth for example) are primarily located in the third dimension. Some can exist in the 5th and only visit the third from time to time depending on their purposes and tasks. When I say this, I don't mean that they exist in the 5th and come down to the third to have an experience or an incarnation, they come down for a short period of time for a specific task, whether that is monitoring and gathering information or looking after the development of the many forms of life, intelligent, plant or otherwise on a planet or other location.

Because of the times we are going through right now, conscious beings / immortal souls have chosen to come here to help with this whole process. When I say the times now, I am referring to the galactic alignment / the golden age / end of the Mayan long count Calendar / the turn of the astrological age into Aquarius / the raising of the vibrations, thinning of the veil and movement for some onto the new earth, and so on and so forth... as there are many labels given to this period in time and many aspects to focus on, of what is actually occurring right now.

So a Star Seed is basically an immortal soul who usually doesn't have experiences or lives on Earth, but has sent a part of it self down to Earth into a host body, to come here now because the planet it self, which is also a conscious entity, is going through a very unique period in its development, as well as the life on the planet.

A hundred and fifty years ago or longer, (that number just came to me, so you can replace that with 'in the past if you like) reasons for why a star seed may have come would likely have been different as star seeds also come here for learning experiences, to development their immortal soul. Its said that the earth experience is one of the most challenging and difficult, so the lessons learnt here are greater than most other locations out there where spiritual growth can take place. Not all planets, locations and existences in the third dimension have free will, so this is another reason why earth is desired for experience.

My definition above is not from information I have found on the internet as I rarely use the internet for research. I much prefer first hand experience through my healing work and the information I have accumulated into my mind from the many books I have read and what resonates with me. I also believe I am connecting into my higher self more frequently these days. So the information I write is a combination of my higher self, personal experience and finding patterns of information through many books.

Lets have a quick search online to see what others classify a star seed as, - '"Starseeds" describe evolved beings from another planet, star system or galaxy, whose specific missions are to assist Planet Earth and her peoples to bring in the Golden Age at the turn of the millennium.' - 'The term Star Seed explains how ET’s come to earth through procreation, thus are not real earth borns, they are star borns'
'A real Star Seed has come to earth directly from their home planet. They were alive before they were born, and in * most cases their ET body still is alive.'
'Star Seed does not refer to someone who used to be incarnated as an ET, but rather someone who is right now an ET being.' - 'Star Seeds are souls who have incarnated into lower dimensional Earth for a specific purpose. Their experiences from other dimensions and worlds have allowed them to carry very specific energies, frequencies and skills.'


angelicview said...

Nice article, Laron. While there seem to be minor differences in people's definitions of Star Seeds, I think the one from annotates an important and significant ingredient - that the Star Seed's Extra-Terrestrial life is ongoing and that it's body is still alive on it's home world. This is something that I suspected in many NDE reports (even though the person reporting it didn't necessarily get the significance).

Laron said...

As I think up a reply here, the power goes off for a couple of seconds. A sign! Of what? uhh

Do you think all of those cases would be alien beings living fully, incarnated in a physical 3rd dimensional body on the Alien planet, or would their state of development in that race perhaps allow them more control and access to the higher dimension where such choices are made about splitting their energy somewhere else? That is what I wonder about with these things. As we know how it works for us here, but it probably works a bit different for those who are more advanced.

Linda said...

Love it when that happens, Laron :).

It's pretty much widely accepted in astro genetics (is that the name of that branch of science?), that life on Earth came via bacteria in that would make all life seeded from the stars ;) The missing link now, thanks to the Francis Crick's 2006 discovery of the HAR1 molecule which seems to be only in human DNA, but all human DNA. It's good to have a clue of our purpose, but still, I wonder what all the fuss is about with people and being titled any such thing. We're all of God/Source...and I just want to get on with developing my own self to Godhood. I miss the point. I mean, we reveal things to ourselves, by ourselves when we've asked and are ready to know....

I'm not trying to be facetious, I just am ;) No, I'm not, but it's a point, don't you think?

Linda said...

So, I was just watching a show called ancient aliens, and in it Graham Hancock talks about Crick's views on evolution over the period of time (roughly 600 million years) the Earth has formed and given rise to us. He quotes an analogy of Crick on this "You would be more likely to assemble a fully functioning and flying Jumbo jet by passing a hurricane through a junkyard, than you would be to assemble the DNA molecule by chance". In other words, it seems his view is that we are all star seeded one way or another.

When we access beyond identities of any kind, then we will know all things.... because we are all things. It's all a matter of where we choose to put our focus. I've had to pull myself back lately on this, which is why I write it.