Monday, September 16, 2013

UNIFY World Peace - Global Meditation 22 September 2013

'Its been proven that groups meditating together lowers violence. So imagine what we can do when millions of us meditate together.' - UNIFY has organised a world wide meditation to occur at 12AM GMT, September the 22nd 2013.

UNIFY's vision is to provide sacred mirror reflections back to humanity, its inherent state of unity regardless of nation, race, politics, color, creed or gender.

I have been all over the UNIFY website and I am unable to find any instructions on what the intention is or any information on the way that we should meditate at that time, or for how long the session is meant to be for. So what I am getting is that its up to us. A focus on world peace, getting rid of that radiation, or healing energy for the earth may be some ideas.

For those wondering the time conversion here, the time is the same time as we are having our weekend remote healing sessions. Its also the same day, strangely enough. The website is very confusing as the date they are giving is the 21st, but its actually 12AM on the 22nd. (GMT) For those who are not sure, you can use this website here to convert your time from 12AM GMT on the 22nd.

Thanks to LightPaige for letting me know about this.


Linda said...

Great! I'll be there! Thanks LightPaige :)

LightPaige said...

Awesome, Laron, thanks for posting this! And hopefully people will see the map displaying cities that have group meditations already coordinated, and if their city doesn't have one organized yet, the website has tools to help them start one. Or else, a simple meditation in the comfort of home will still do much good for the planet!