Monday, September 16, 2013

The World as we know it has ended this year

By John, contributing writer

1. Fukushima - now we know that its not OK and that it will affect us for decades to come. The danger is now coming out about how critical it has become and that we have passed a point of no return.

2. USA has lost all credibility and its official this year now with all of the NSA spying. The depth of how far this goes continues to come out and there are now financial repurcussions for this with other countries dumping our Tech companies enmasse. The truth that the US has been taken over by Fascists and their desire for wold dominiation has come out and more are waking up to that truth. We have now a report that will be stunning if its not covered up stating that the Central Banks and their minions have been complicit in rigging all of the Precious Metals markets for their own gains and to destroy wealth and keep fiat currency alive.

The CEO of Yahoo had a talk with reporters about the NSA spying and she stated that she would have gone to jail as a Traitor and been convicted of High Treason if she had not gone along with the Governments demands and that they are not allowed to discuss or talk about it at all.

3. Ice age is coming. Lots of articles on this now and many scientists are now reporting it. This will change our food growth and take down our over production of wheat and soy. Diversification will be forced on us. Plenty of articles on that reported on here at

4. ManKind has put a device in Interstellar space. I have a feeling that will turn out to be a lot more important and have repurcissions we dont realize yet.

5. Sinkholes are growing and appearing all over the place. The Louisiana Sinkhole is growing quickly and there is no stopping in sight.

6. The truth of Vaccinations is coming out. For the most part they are just for Big Pharma and money and they know they can give cancers and kill and make millions sick. Flu Shots go into this as well, its all about Big Pharma, even doctors in US are starting to not want to give Flu shots as they are useless. While many have very heated opinons about this and the normalcy bias is to always trust the establishment and what they have told you its starting to become apparent that they dont care about our health.

Expect many more revelations to keep coming on that end as more and more secrets are revealed. There was a report that the forced HPV vaccine for women has now started causing them to get sick and they admit its because they did not do enough testing on it. Whether its intentional or not its always about money. Many atrocities were done to groups of people that govt's did not care about in the past such as giving Native Americans diseases to test the outcome and infecting Americans in parts of the country with diseases to test medicines before giving to those who could pay the most.

These are not conspiracies but facts that have been admitted but they happened a hundred to as little as 50 years ago so they dont think people care and for the most part people havent as it wasnt done to them, or so they knew. The movie is always the message and you need to always keep in your mind the image of Charleton Heston yelling " Soylent Green is people". Soon people will be screaming Vaccines are meant to kill by the corrupt TPTB.

7. The corruption of the Church and the resignation of the Pope was a great shock earlier in the year. The new Pope while having an outward appearance of being more liberal is secretly and quietly enacting more evil plans than all the ones previous. Instead of stopping the child abuse he has made it illegal in the Church to even mention it or report it. Thats not progress, thats making it hidden and worse. This Pope will eventually to be revealed as a great evil I am sure in time.

I imagine we will get many more surprises this year in the last few months that will awaken us to our role in the Universe. The issues of TPTB that are listed above will pale and they will become insignificant but until then we have to deal with their mess. More need to awaken to this mind control and battle for our souls because in the end thats what this is all about, a battle for our souls. Its the most precious commodity in the Universe.

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Linda said...

Thanks John! I'm looking forward to the CEO of Yahoo link. :)

There always has to be a balance because it's the nature of life. There always has to be a tyrant in order for the allowance of a victim. Our souls are the stuff of the divine, but we can give up our right to free thought - it's all in what we choose to believe, and many have been very happy to give that power away - like religion.......stops us from taking life and living it as we're just too busy thinking about God wants us to wear, what to eat, do I eat today or do I fast etc. etc. to please God? No, to please our habitual thinking. We have not been interested enough in taking our power and using it properly for creation. Who's got time to ponder transcending space in a world with football, fashion and religion? And where have our riches gone? FUND-A-MENTAL (hellooo...) religion, and other dogma - HA! Who's to blame? No-one, but it certainly seems this would be a good time to with the program, I agree.

I would think that the greater conspiracy is that our attention has been diverted from waking up to the power within...our emotional madnesses ie. our thought patterns have kept us entrenched in looking outside of ourselves for our redemption but that was because we were not yet awake enough to realize a greater truth....that was the game that we created and played.
I agree there is much corruption and conspiracy, and we came to wake up. Thanks for your article for helping us do that, and as old world systems crumble and new life is born, fresh and clean, I am happy to be a part of that process that commands my own rebirth - as within, so without. So Be It.