Friday, September 20, 2013

The Forum is now live -

Over the past few days I have been setting up a forum / message board system for and its now ready to go.

As I mentioned on a welcome post there, the forum is a continuation of what I have started on my blog here, but where we don't have to be so serious and strict like I tend to be around the articles I post. With the forum we can expand on the many subjects that I tend to get into and what you may also feel connected with, as well as others I don't usually touch on.

The place will also let me delve into topics that I may not have considered post worthy through the actual blog, while having a lot more interaction, thoughts and opinions from you, the reader.

I do think that I would like to move away from thinking of transients as a blog, as I would like to see it becoming more of a community setting where interactions are not primarily composed and dictated by just me, but by those of you out there who may feel you are on a similar wave length to where I am coming from.

You can find the forum here, and if you can't find the register as a new user button, just click here. If you want a quick way to access it, I have included a link to it in the menu on the top right of the site here. To quickly come back to the site here, once you are on the forum, just click on the image in the center top of the forum.


angelicview said...

I'm all signed up for the forum. But it's hard for me to get around to every place on the Web these days - so feel free to email me if there's a thread I really should see! :)

Laron said...

Oh I will, no worries. I don't expect everyone to have the time for this as forums are very time consuming.