Saturday, September 21, 2013

Roundup for the 21st of September 2013


"What's Your (Pluto) Sign? Wait -- Let Me Guess!" - An astrological look at the various signs of pluto. (Thanks Connie)

'Spiritual Bypassing, Relationships and the Shadow' - An inner child/shadow self type article. Worth the read. (17 Sept. Thanks Connie)

Sign by Sign forecast for October by Carl Boudreau


A collection of Comet ISON images,


The ear wax of a blue whale is examined by scientists.... a story is told about its life.,0,6647217.story (18 Sept)

'Giant reservoir of magma under Ethiopia may explain how continents break apart'

'Ancient Rivers That Existed 100000 Years Ago Created 'Green Corridors' Across Sahara'
"Three ancient river systems, now buried, may have created viable routes for human migration across the Sahara to the Mediterranean region about 100,000 years ago, according to a new research." (20 Sept)


Remember that 8.3 earthquake in eastern Russia that the webbot predicted back in May? Its now been officially classified as the deepest earthquake ever recorded. An updated article about it here,

'Airlines told to avoid path near Indonesia volcano'

'Super Typhoon Usagi nears Philippines, Taiwan'

'At least 2 killed, 260,000 evacuated as Typhoon Man-yi lashes Japan',0,3879359.story (16 Sept)

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