Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Picking ourselves up

For those part of the earthly incarnation cycle, in every existence here, we may make a few mistakes, go down the wrong roads, make a number of bad decisions and end up going backwards now and then, but every time we do such a thing, we grow spiritually, through these many opportunities.

When reflecting back on a life, what we do for others can be seen as more important than what we have done for ourselves.

Photo by Scott Robinson

But what can define us is our ongoing ability, through our courage, to pick ourselves up after failures and setbacks, and complete our lives as strongly as possible.


Linda said...


Wherami said...

True :)

Troy Robins said...

The only people that never make any mistakes are those that never do anything. Failure is always an option. The only time we learn anything is when one of us does something wrong. Thank god for mistakes or we'd all still be living in caves.

Laron said...

Living in caves, doing rock paintings, grumbling at each other and chasing down animals!

Linda said...

Yes, and if anyone is ever criticized because they fell a little from doing something where they followed your heart, then remind them of this quote I heard my niece offer the other day, "if you're not being criticized, you're not speaking, you're not creating, you're not living". Smart kids (she's in high school, but understands the message). :))