Monday, September 23, 2013

Mind over Medicine: Scientific proof you can heal yourself - Dr. Lissa Rankin

YouTube Description : (55 minutes) While some mind-body medicine pioneers and New Age teachers talk about how we can heal ourselves, Dr. Lissa Rankin was a skeptical physician, trained in evidence-based academic medicine and raised by a closed-minded physician father.

But after witnessing patients who declined conventional medical treatment, only to experience spontaneous remissions from seemingly ""incurable"" illnesses, she couldn't deny the possibility that patients might hold within them the power to heal themselves. Her curiosity led her to dig deep into the medical literature to scientifically prove that the mind can heal the body.

Her search uncovered not only proof that you can heal yourself, but also the shocking physiological mechanisms of how emotions like fear, loneliness, pessimism, and depression can make the body sick, while love, intimate connection, optimism, and faith can cure you.

Thanks to Connie for the link. 


Shamini G said...

Close to 1 hour to watch this. But it's worth every minute. I've seen on a daily basis how some ppl think that someone in a white coat giving them something would make them feel better or healed. It's just all up in your mind.

This is something I could apply on a daily basis myself. Have always had a positive outlook on everything, but never applied it for medical purposes. So, I'm gonna give it a try.

fairyfloss said...

I loved this video. I totally resonated with what Dr Rankin was saying and I am going to take this approach now too! Its like being told something you already innately and intuitively know and then someone just pieces it altogether for you and the lights come on! Thanks Laron for sharing this article. You are helping so many people one article at a time, one remote healing at a time by your devotion to maintaining

Laron said...

Thanks FF.