Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jumping out of the Closet

By Laron, editor

With everything going on in the World, and in our lives, most of us don't exactly have the time to put in the effort of developing our consciousness.

What does 'develop your consciousness' mean to you? What I am referring to is our spiritual progress as energetic beings living here in our human forms and the many ways we can live our life to the best of our ability while expanding our selves so that we can grow spiritually. It has been said that we really only have on average, around 30% free will. We can increase that limit if we choose to.

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That paragraph above is not only a mouthful, but its a massive task and responsibly for us. But then, unconsciously, so many of us are not even aware of why we are here and why we do the things we do. We just go on with our daily lives, having relationships, making friends, building families, moving up the ladder with our career, and so on.

Some of us make conscious choice to do  more than that.

I have come to find that we are all here for so many different reasons. It certainly seems that a very high percentage of us here on Earth are in the cycle of reincarnation and have had many lives before. But we should not limit our thinking to around just those energetic beings that are here and come here only for this purpose as there are 'volunteers' and other types of beings here for purposes other than soul and higher self growth.

We still all fall under the same Earth roof in a sense, but you could say that not all of us are actually here to grow spiritually as a primary purpose, through life's experiences, karmic responsibilities and various lessons. Some of us have come here for specific purposes for this life only and may only be here for this one incarnation because of this period in earths timeline.

But when saying this, that doesn't mean that those of us who may have come to the understanding that we are not part of the usual reincarnation and karmic cycle, shouldn't focus on growing spiritually. As by expanding our consciousness, living healthy in a spiritual and practical way and in turn increasing our vibration, we can help to unlock our hidden or dormant talents, senses and psychic abilities.

For some of us, we have already climbed, jumped or simply stepped out of the closet or we may have grown up and got to the stage we are at now without never having been in there in the first place.

But for others, we may not reveal our interests or even our active participation in the esoteric / new age / metaphysical areas to everyone in our life. Some of us may work in jobs where it may not be appropriate to discuss such things. We may have circles of friends and family who we would feel uncomfortable mentioning such a topic to.

I think its really important for us to not have to feel like we have to hide this side of our selves.

We are limiting our spiritual development and in some cases our life purpose by holding back from those in our lives.

If people are not respectful and honor our beliefs, then they are most likely holding us back in some way, and while it may be an uncomfortable and sad situation, it is sometimes necessary to move on if they are unable to accept us for who we really are.

But also realise that by being open, you can sometimes have an unconscious influence on those around you, so you may be actually triggering their own spiritual growth from simply being upfront about your own beliefs, where saying nothing may be not only be holding you back, but holding them back as well.

Just think that if people become more open about their interests in these areas, that great change could occur. The butterfly effect would come into play in a major way.

With family and friends, we may be frowned upon, judged, gossiped about, but why is that important to worry about? It is simply not healthy to be in a position of having to hide something such as this, and something that is so important in the greater scheme of things.

It is much more important to become who we were meant to be, to reveal our true beliefs and passions and by doing so we are unblocking energetic blocks, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and we in turn becoming a type of a role model for others. Additionally, our consciousness is growing and we are fulfilling a much higher spiritual purpose that can sometimes take many lifetimes to accomplish, for a lot of us.

Great change can then take place, one person at a time.

So this is not just about looking after our selves in a selfish way. By becoming more open about our own spirituality, we can impact and create change on a global scale.

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Alex V said...

Hi Laron. I perfectly understand what you're meaning with going out of the closet, I have done that with my love preferences as well. Anyway, though I like to be open and have my very particular view of the world and I like to share it with everyone I apply somehow a rule with friends and people in general, if they ask me about whatever I release several levels of understanding (from my basic point of view to other more elaborated and woo-woo like stuff) and then I see how they react; if they pull back I will keep my mout shut but if I see they get curious I start to gently questioning their their point of view in the matter we are dealing with, so we both can get a bigger picture. So it's like the parable of not feeding pearls to pigs. When someone is keen to be curious they will ask and will find their own answers. If someone is lazy-thinker it's a waste of time trying to be open with them.

PD: Laron I don't know where to post this, I feel tempted to login into the forum, but I just like to leave random posts. If you or someone else is deeply interested to move from Megacorp internet services (emailing, browsing, hosting, messaging, etc) you will find this site useful, you can find all flavoured-like independent projects that respect privacy and are open sourced as well. Serve your selves. Saludos y Abrazos.

Laron said...

I am similar to how I approach the situation. I rarely if ever open up about the subject without the other person asking about it, and then if they do ask about it, I respond in a similar way to what you have explained.

I think its very important for people to take the first step themselves, to reach out, to ask questions, to start to make the effort, rather than have it happen in the opposite manner... as in having someone throw something in their face, such as various religious folk who come around knocking on doors.

Thanks for the link there. I will stick it on the Forum.

Linda said...

Nicely said, Laron :). Much of the reason some stay hushed is two things that I can see: Fear of being ostracized, frowned upon (even if it's not overt), or, they may have more hope and intuition rather than experience. We can sound a bit airyfairy-headed when we can't articulate what we know, so experience combined with knowledge and intuition means we're genuinely and naturally confident. QPhysics examples open doorways for people if they show any sign of being open, and the great thing is that if you know it enough to speak it well, then you're focusing on some pretty amazing and mind opening things. Being able to speak with some authority makes timid people (who might just be yearning to know more), feel more comfortable to explore other things you may say without being self-judged a nut for entertaining the possibility that there's some truth to what you say.

Be the wonderful, outrageous you anytime, I say! Be bold, be true. Being free in thought and present with people means that what will come will be just right for them, and it's a noble place to be at. The other choice is squeaming on the inside from misrepresenting yourself and denying what you've awakened to, but that becomes oh, so very dull after a while (yawn), and it's not going to be good for your overall health either.

There's no doubt a future opportunity can be ruined for someone because information was given to them before they were ready for can create bias against the very freedom you wish everyone had, but all is well when we are centered in our truth, and feeling free and loving, because that's when we're open to intelligence and make appropriate decisions.

So I say, when all is said and done, no-one needs a savior, and everyone is just fine doing their thing, and that includes you....doing your thing. My musings folks, see you all outside of the closet!