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Backwards: Returning to our Source for answers

Via AngelicView, 27 September 2013


I know I have shared a bunch of these Afterlife TV interviews lately, but I’m working my way through their play list and I want to get some of the very best ones out to you while they’re still fresh in my mind (besides… Coast to Coast has been a bit boring lately ;)  ).

I could have sworn that Nanci Danison’s NDE was on AngelicView somewhere, but after a quick search was unable to find it. This is Bob Olson interviewing her.

There are some notable aspects to her NDE that I’d like to bring forward.

One is that she says she was brought back here because she is on a mission. See, her incarnation cycle in human bodies was finished. But she came back to Earth to try to bring awareness to people about the other side of the veil – through her Near Death Experience.

I could really relate to that because I feel that I’m on a similar mission. Why, about 9 or so years ago, did I start reading NDE accounts (with fervor) to the point that I had eventually read thousands? Then I kind of started this blog in a strange way (read my “About Me” to get that story). When I started the blog I wasn’t thinking that I was going to post NDE’s in particular – that idea came later. Then the NDE’s were very popular so I kept up with them. And while I do post on other subjects, NDE’s are my first love. And so I could relate with her mission.

The entire interview was really good, but if you have limited time you might start watching at about 39 minutes because that’s when it really starts picking up pace and gets even more interesting.

She says that during her life review, she not only discovered everything about her current life, but also about all of her past lives as well – including on other planets. This is fairly common. But what’s more uncommon is that she remembered some of the information she received about some of her past lives and she shares that information with us. So that was interesting.

Human beings are just animals, like any other animal, she says, and our spirit comes into the animal and animates it.  She also shares some universal knowledge – about Source and Creation – that was very interesting.

Video Description: ”You don’t want to miss this cool new video conversation! I talk with attorney Nanci Danison about her near-death experience after an allergic reaction to a local anesthetic in the hospital. Nanci exited her body, went into the light filled with love and acceptance, witnessed her reality from multiple perspectives, changed her experience with every new thought, had an unusual life review, and even met with her soul family. This near-death experience taught Nanci to appreciate human life in new ways, view herself with great humility, know what’s really important, and even recognize how her choices thus far in life were based in fear. This is a 67-minute, insight-packed interview that could change the way you live. Have fun with it!” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

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