Monday, August 26, 2013

The chemical weapon attacks in the Ghouta region, Syria, August 21 2013

I haven't mentioned this event as I don't usually cover such things, but I have ran into a number of interesting articles relating to the situation lately. On to top of that, I think this is an important moment in connection to the many different forecasts, prophecies and predictions out there which go towards a multi-country military conflict and possible world war.

Lets start with the facts. The wiki entry here reports that on the 21st of August 2013, a series of alleged chemical weapon attacks took place  in the Ghouta region of the Rif Dimashq Governorate of Syria. The death toll came from 'opposition sources' and were numbered to be from 322 deaths to 1,729. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the death toll was 322 deaths.

So clearly, there are conflicting reports about the number of deaths.

It is said the locations of the attacks were on opposition controlled areas with the victims and the opposition blaming the Syrian Government for the actual attacks. The Syrian Government blamed the rebels for the attacks after eventually admitting they did happen, as originally they said the chemical attacks did not actually occur.

Now what is important to note is the position of the various countries and what they believe may have actually happened in Syria. The United States, France, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Sweden believe that the Syrian government was responsible for the attacks, while Russia, the Syrian government's top ally, claims that the chemical weapon attacks were by the rebels in Syria.

If the death toll of 1,729 is confirmed, this would make the attacks the deadliest attacks with the use of chemical weapons since since the Halabja poison gas attack back in 1988, where between 3,200 and 5,000 people died.

Also of interest is that the Syrian Government did not allow the United Nations to investigate the chemical attacks, even though the UN were actually living only a few kilometers away from where the attacks occurred. But on the 25th of August, the Syrian Government let the UN investigators into the sites. (The Telegraph in the UK has an article about that here.) The US officials believe that a lot of evidence from the actual event was probably 'significantly corrupted' by the time the UN investigators were let in.

The wiki has greater detail on the symptoms that the people suffered and descriptions around what actually took place, which you can find here under 'Witness Statements.

Lets now have a look at the various stories going around in the main stream media and alternative media.

-Press TV reports that according to a French Newspaper, CIA commandos and US special forces, along with Israeli and Jordanian troops entered Syria to command members of the militant groups fighting against the Syrian Government. The has a similar article in relation to this situation from a different angle.

-RT reports that the Russian foreign ministry says that materials implicating the forces of Syrian president Bashar Assad in chemical weapons use near Damascus were prepared prior to the alleged incident on August 21.

-In relation to the possible American military action against Syria, the New York Times says that a senior Obama administration official said on Sunday that there was “very little doubt” that President Bashar al-Assad’s military forces had used chemical weapons against civilians last week and that a Syrian promise to allow United Nations inspectors access to the site was “too late to be credible.”

-Aljazeera reports that a fourth US vessel has been ordered into the Mediterranean as pressure is rising on the White House to act on the chemical weapons attack.

-In relation to the evidence already being destroyed by the time the United Nations investigators were let in, CBC news has an article about that here.

-Yahoo News reports that Iran says there is proof that Syrian rebels used chemical weapons and performed these attacks.

-Global Research has an article about this chemical weapons attack being a false flag event and a pretext for all out war.

-ABC News reported that Russia just issued a warning today that calls for foreign military intervention in Syria. ABC reports that Russia has compared the situation now in Syria to the US leg war in Iraq and urged countries not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Russia still commits to the notion that the evidence that evidence towards the Syrian Government committing the attacks is pre-fabricated in order to frame the Syrian Government.


j.bradbury said...

I think we are yet again involved with a two headed monster. The rebels are mostly made up of a terrorist group (which we fund). The USA wants Syria out of the way so USAGov can march onto Iran.
Syria has a dicator, which by default makes him a man that will do whatever he needs to do to stay in power. We need to stay out of it, but we won't. I am afraid the WW3 hand is being dealt, and the American/Western people will NOT stop it.

Laron said...

I do think the most likely scenario here is that the US has orchestrated this event so that they can invade Syria, just like they have done so with other countries and how they have orchestrated other events in the past. Whether the Government/White House is part of the planning, who knows... but most likely its some organised group in the US that is behind this.

Even though I am not into conspiracy theories and all that, there is just too much information out there showing that this is most likely the situation.

angelicview said...

Great job putting together this article! I agree with you guys, I think if the whole entire thing is not staged, then it's a set-up. People are generally peaceful. It's only our governments that want war.

Linda said...

I don't agree with anyone. To me, It's all a sham, it's all diversion. All is interdependant - the government to the people, the environment to the people, nationalistic pride and borders to the people, drowning refugees to the people, animal cruelty to the people, cruelty of people to the people.

We hold the power, we are the common denominator, because it's all a mirror. I have met very few truly peaceful people in my life, and I believe I have met the exact same number of people who learned to be honest with themselves until nothing remained hidden, and all was resolved in that light. When we see more peace, it's because we've claimed more peace within ourselves. We'll claim more peace within ourselves when we are totally honest with ourselves. We'll claim more peace either by abstaining from the common known society life, or when we realize that there are bigger things to the cause of our life than a 'what can I get from it attitude' - in everything.

The only way that We The People will ever REALLY have peace is when we have nothing to fight against another for, when we have nothing to fear. That day will come in earnest when we are not afraid of death. That's the big picture that I see. A part of that process, in the way I think this world has chosen to go, is that people will have to rise up and claim their power, not governments. That will take deaths. That's my opinion, and still yet, it's all a diversion from what's real. All of it is just a show, round and round, until we get it. I hope we never take our eyes off the prize - Love, in all we do. In short...who's responsible? We all are, it's our world that we've allowed others to rule so we don't have to think for ourselves, create for ourselves. Make this life count, be truth :) I wonder what kind of mayhem the world would be in if everyone was truthful for just an hour of a single day! Monologue over and out.

Linda said...

PS. Laron, it is a truly great job you've done here, and I appreciate the links. Caught me in a mood, and although what I said is true for me, I didn't intend a diatribe, nor to sound unappreciative of your damn fine work!

Wherami said...

"The only way that We The People will ever REALLY have peace is when we have nothing to fight against another for, when we have nothing to fear"

Linda that day will be coming but it will take up to 20ish years to play out. We are in the end game now. Your words couldn't be more prescient.

Oh and yes the western powers orchestrated this as Assad had already been announced to have won and that cant happen or else they cant get their gas line from Quatar. The sides have all determined that this is where the final battle begins. Now they are like sumo wrestlers slowly moving around the mat, circling each other.

Connie said...

Deja Vu...Looking back to the alleged use of chemical weaponry in Iraq, thousands upon thousands have fallen as we fell for this propaganda. Now it is being foisted, once again, upon the public by the media. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me comes to mind.