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Releasing and letting go of Karma

If you are looking for a technique for releasing Karma, here is one below. This information came out of a recent Quantum Healing Hypnosis session that I conducted. The technique comes directly from a group consciousness who's responsibility is basically the role of a caretaker for the physical Universe including time and space. For further information on them, please head on over to the two articles I wrote up in relation to those QHHT sessions. 

Why release Karma?

Why do we need to be concerned about our Karma? That is a great question and one which could take up a lot of text to explain. If you have a belief in reincarnation or are open to the idea, then this short explanation here will make more sense to you. 

We are all having lives here on Earth as physical third dimensional beings. But on the other side of that, dimensionally speaking, we are also existing as energy which has a vibrational frequency that acts as a foundation for our existence. 

Our purpose behind why we have come here varies. A lot of us are here so that we can experience and learn many lessons to develop and expand our vibrational frequency throughout the journey, in this life, but also in many other lives. Its said that Earth is one of the most challenging third dimensional locations to be able to do this, which means that we have an increased opportunity to grow by deciding to come to this realm for the growth of our soul.

Some of us are here for different reasons, and those reasons can vary greatly. 

Just about every individual consciousness that comes to Earth, has to deal with karma. There are exceptions to that rule, but the exceptions are rare. 

A lot of us are meant to have karma, as its part of the experience of learning, of future lessons and of growing spiritually. But Karma can trap us. It can keep us coming back, life after life so that we have to keep working out our Karma, while trying not to produce additional Karma. 

Some of us need to be here to experience many lives, as that has been our choice to do just that. But there comes a point where we no longer need to continue in that cycle. And again, don't forget that there are exceptions. Some of us are here for other reasons and we are not required interact with the Karmic system because of those varying reasons.

Additionally, our health is related to all of this. Various emotional situations we find ourselves in can be a cause for illness to grow within our energetic system, and manifest physically. From freeing these Karmic connections, we can stop illness growing and in turn directly improve the state of our health.

What is Karma?

Karma is basically cause and effect. From our actions, we impact the lives of others and in turn we can create an energetic link within the Karmic system, to those other beings we interact with. This link then needs to be acknowledged and worked upon either in this life, or another. Our intentions around our actions, thoughts and emotions are key to the creation of Karma.

By using common sense, we can understand about doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing in relation to our interactions with others. If our intention was to do the wrong thing, for whatever reason, then that can be said to be an example of how Karma is created. The energetic vibration of a decision is part of this. But what constitutes the 'wrong' thing? That can be debated about through our own judgement and opinions as each of us has our own idea of the answers to that predicament. From looking at our intention behind a decision, this can help us understanding what is right or wrong — when we stop reacting and acting from any egoic element, this can in turn go towards stopping the creation of karma unless we decide consciously to create it. 

Some Karmic situations are part of our soul contract. What I mean here is that we make a decision with the other person, before entering into this life, and possibly during it, that one of us will perform an action that will impact the life of the other person in a negative (or sometimes positive) manner. And from that, a contract is created between the two so that learning and be accomplished. 

This is very complex to explain and I believe it is one of the most challenging esoteric systems that we have to deal with on Earth. To find the truth to some of the questions of how we create karmic situations that need to be addressed, and what our current karmic responsibilities are, we need to check in with the other side. This can be accomplished through a number of ways, such as seeing a psychic for example, but from my experience and in my own opinion, the most reliable method is under hypnosis where the higherself or another group consciousness comes through to provide such answers. 

How can I release it?

If you have found out and feel confident on what your Karmic responsibilities are, then you can use this process below. But otherwise, some Karmic situations can be more easily identified. You might have a very strong emotional attachment with a specific person and/or situation. This is likely to be part of your Karmic debts.

The most difficult of Karmic situations is when the situation is related to your emotions.

Firstly, identify the exact situation and ask for forgiveness towards the person involved with that situation. After you have asked for forgiveness, detach your self from it. It doesn't matter that the person is not aware of this.

This can of course also work both ways, if your wondering. If they have done you wrong, you can end their Karmic responsibility as everything is connected. 

Its very important that you feel into this and believe it to be real, and that it works. Its not just about saying or writing the words down — it's about believing in the words and feeling that you are really acknowledging the situation, forgiving and detaching. 

After you have done this, you can also remove the event from your memory using a process. You don't have to use this process, but if you have a strong emotional attachment in your mind, to that person and the situation involved, it's probably a good idea to also include this. Think of the exact situation that caused the Karma and remove that situation. For example, if you were walking down a street and turned left to go in a certain direction and ran into a person who you had an argument with that ended up with Karma being generated because of what may have occurred — have this memory come back to you but change what occurs. Walk down a different part of that street so that you never ran into that person. That will be your replacement memory. 

And finally, repeat these processes at least three times. Perhaps over the time span of a week or three weeks(once a week). The rule of three has an energetic power to it and is one of those universal laws in place. If you feel you should do it more than this, go ahead, as it can only help you, not hinder.

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Connie said...

Hmmm, I will get busy working on this today. Thanks Laron.

angelicview said...

Excellent! I think it's a good idea that you decided to address this subject in a separate post. We need to help ourselves (and each other) get off the wheel of karma. Thanks Laron :)

angelicview said...

Oh, and by the way, two people that I respect, Bentinho Massaro and Jim Self, both say that you can change your past as well as your future, and they talk of a very similar (if not the same) process.

Laron said...

Thats helpful confirmation for you then! =)

Sakib said...

What a great time to post it. I am starting the exercise, starting with my some people who I can't tolerate sometimes. Then I keep blaming me for feeling like that towards them. Though they don't know I feel like that towards them. Then try to balance and go near them and again can't tolerate them. ohhh...I want to get out of that cycle that I create.
Thank you dear Laron.

rememberinginfinity said...

Crud...I just wrote about this very topic for future post on my blog! I think my approach is different enough that it could be seen as a "compliment" to this one though.

It must be the right time for folks to embrace this process--and I guess it just goes to show, great minds must think alike!



Laron said...

I will check it out SG!