Sunday, April 7, 2013

Something is missing... - A take on the nature of consciousness and love

"Time is a fluid condition which has no existence except in the momentary avatars of individual people. There is no such thing as was — only is." - William Faulkner

I am going to get into a half rant based upon a feeling I have been having. I don’t know anyone else who may also have a similar feeling or set of feelings, but perhaps someone who reads this may relate with something felt which is similar.

Putting this into words is a lot harder than knowing what I mean in my mind. Over this last week I began to notice, or sense, that a part of me was not here. In otherwords, I felt that I am not fully here. 

What do I mean by here? I mean that through my senses in various moments and through my focus and attention on what is going on in the now, over the last week, seems to have not been as strong as it once was. It just seems like a part of me has decided to head off to some other place, or possibly I am simply just starting to notice a situation that has always been there.

I have had moments in time lately where I have been more focused, more aware of my surroundings and my mind chatter or lack thereof. But its not just that, it seems like theres something else going on. Something that may connect up with our times just now.

I have explored consciousness through various means so far in this life. From Astral Projection, past life regression, deep meditation to Ayahuasca and Huachuma plant medicine over in Peru. I would say the experience that stood out most was the first session I had with Huachuma. Again, this will be hard to put into words. At one stage during that experience, as it lasted longer than 12 hours, my consciousness was in a totally separate place. It was definitely not inside my head here on the physical plane of Earth... I just knew.

I was ... somewhere else, even though I could still control and interact with my body if I wished to. In that state of existence, I simply had no attachments to Earth in any form, whether that was a connection to someone I cared for, or a materialistic object I owned. There were no connections to back here and I was shown spiritual teachings that were very profound. During that particular experience, I moved into a state of true humbleness, something I had never felt in such a way, because of what I was shown and possibly because of the nature of the structure and laws around where I was in that state of consciousness. In that moment in time I believe my consciousness was no longer here on Earth, but in a different dimension, another place completely.

I will mention one other example in relation to my own practical life experiences. Around five years ago when I first consciously become aware of being in my astral body, and then continued to control it without slipping into a dream state or waking up, my consciousness was again in a totally different place. With that experience I could not of course interact with my Earth bound body as astral projection doesn't work that way since we are asleep and dreaming at the same time. One of the first thoughts that came to me during the stages of that conscious experience was that where I was and what I was having happen to me was more real than my life here on Earth. Through my senses in the astral, I was able to determine that. From seeing, and touching, I was telling my self that the experience and conscious existence in that moment was much more real than anything I had ever experienced before. Hard to put this into words... but it gave a new meaning to the saying that life here is an illusion.

Thursday evening, three days ago, I was one of 18 that performed a group distant healing. I followed the process that was outlined for the group and connected in. The intention here was to send healing to all members of the group and to also stop the sending and eventually receive. At the beginning I had a few visuals come to me and one of them was this image of the energy coming down from my higher self into three parts. 

I was in the center and therefore was one of the three destinations of the energy. The other two destinations were to the left and to the right. It wasn't actually my physical left and right, as in on the left and right sides of my shoulder, but it showed it in the moving visual/image I received. What came to me straight away was that there were two other parts of me. (of course, it may have been my monkey mind imagining that)

Various texts out there, from such books written by Michael Newton (past life regression hypnotist), Lobsang Rampa (lama in Tibet), Robert Monroe (out of body / astral projector), Dolores Cannon (past life regression hypnotist), and from many other sources explain that when we incarnate, either our higher self, or our ‘primary’ soul in the spirit world has the option of sending a part of our energy down into our energy body, which is attached to our soul on Earth. Lobsang Rampa labels this as us being 'Puppets'. 

On rare occasion, before we head down here again, we decide to split our energy into more than one incarnation. This means we can have multiple lives in the same time line / time frame. We then learn and experience more than if we had just the one life here at this moment in time. From my gist of things, this is not always easy and can be a challenge for the 'puppets' involved because of the way this works, so usually only one soul(body) is being lived in at the one time.

I could easily be using the word 'spirit' here, but that would just confuse things so lets just say soul, for the purposes of this entry, means the energy that represents our consciousness, wherever that may be.

Also it is said that when we split our energetic self up there, we don't have to send all out parts to Earth... we could be experiencing lives or existences elsewhere while on Earth.  But because of how soul groups work, for most of us I think we stick to the Human experience at the one point in time, however time works up there in the higher dimensions. 

So, this may be one possibility as to why I have been feeling like this and combined with the thinning of the veil as in the changes in vibration from the goings on within this period of time (‘Golden Age’, cycle of the Mayan calendar coming to an end, energies from space, etc), I may just be noticing more of my self.

Its also said that we don’t fully come down here, as in bring our full conscious state and energy down to here  as our energy up there is far too great to all exist in a human body, simply because of the... laws behind how things work in the third dimension as a human. I may simply be feeling or sensing that connection with my higher self and knowing there is a lot more somewhere else, meaning I may be more fully here than I realise and of course, part of me is still up there. 

There are other theories I have as well, such as the possibility that a part of me is moving off somewhere, possibly to this ‘new earth’ that is said to be already existing out there, part of a higher dimension. It is said that we will have the choice to either go there on a permanent basis, or go there temporarily and return to help out with the goings on, back on Earth. 

Or we may simply continue on with our karma at another planetary location if we do not remain with the Earth at this time. Time being relative. Meaning.. it may not be now, but later on in our future, possibly very soon. 

I do not know the truth of who I am and I am not going to say I am this or that, like some others do. I’m not going to say I’m a star seed or an ascended master, or some form of an Angel, even though I have written about the angel aspect previously. It doesn't matter anyway as we are here as humans, all of us are equal and come from wherever it is that we come from. 

Words are powerful here on Earth and when people label themselves, that label puts a certain energy out there, similar to how a thought form functions and if we are mistaken, this can not be a truly positive thing.

Even if we are not mistaken with what progress we are with our spiritual development or where we come from, we are still here as a human and need to keep functioning and acting as a human, unless we have 'special powers' and work outside the laws of the third dimension. We will all know when our time is to function as something else. It will be pretty obvious.

Yesterday I attended a talk by American Charles Hall. He told us that he worked and interacted with the tall white Aliens for a number of years back in the 60’s. He was very, very humble and I have to admit, I believed that what he was explaining was his own truths. I am a pretty good judge of character and from what I already knew, the information made perfect sense, even though most of it was new information to me. 

My point though is that he is a religious man and something he said, based around his religious beliefs, was that we are all love and that ‘God’ created us. He seemed to conclude that beacuse of an experience he had with two tall whites one time, a brother and sister which I will explain in a future article I post, summarising the talk.

So what is love? Love is a vibration and a feeling. If you say that word, it puts out energy and a certain frequency of energy.

Love is energy.

We are all energy.

We are all love.

Well, that was my thinking right now while writing this up. It’s said we are from the one location, the one ‘source’. This means we exist as energy together at that one source. Being combined like that would certainly bring a sense of love and completeness, such as what we experience in various forms here with our interactions with other life, pets and humans.

I believe we created ourselves and that we are simply not conscious of that fact here in this existence and somewhat limited conscious state.

Well, I think that's it for now. I’m not sure what all of you have been feeling. Lets see how things go over the next two months as I expect life as we know it may change in a very positive way, but perhaps not from the direction of what people would normally say was exactly 'positive'.

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Wherami said...

Many changes are on their way.

Diane Emerson said...

I have been feeling the same way, Laron, since arriving in New Zealand in December. The joy of being in nature has gone. My energy is greatly depleted, my vibrancy is gone. My joy is gone. A very essential part of me has gone, and I don't know where, nor why. I can still connect well with most humans and animals, but my connection to this earth has gone. Last night I woke from an intense dream. I was in great despair for earth, and what humans have done to it. I have been bicycling through New Zealand now since February, and with the drought here it has become so painfully obvious the devastation humans have wrought to earth, in order to raise animals for slaughter. I will be heading to the West Coast of the USA in early May. I will be ready for the coastal event there, if it happens.

Karyn Russell said...

Hmmmm I have no "labels" I can assign myself but I "feel" energy. Over the past 2 months my energy has been topsy turvy, but now, once again, I have refound that "spaciousness" .... it's a serene sort-of daydreaming feeling which overcomes me whenever I feel anxious.The connection was never lost, my focus was diverted. Now, if I focus on my heart and just breathe I can more easily immerse myself in that feeling. I can't describe it but this feeling of acceptance and going with the flow has allowed me to function without anxiety. Love and Healing is my mantra, and I guess it starts with me. What you give out, you attract back ....... and I am grateful and appreciate the love and healings I receive, which I reciprocate in kind. We are all One, we share in the same energy - but move through this at different times. Embrace the changes and just smile :-)

angelicview said...

Thank you, Laron, and commentors. I am very grateful to hear your views on this day :)

Laron said...

I loved your latest blog entry Diane =)

Thanks for telling us your experiences.

It sounds like you are meant to be back home in the US during that time.

Laron said...

Thanks for your input Karyn =)