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Well Rounded Corners - Cliff High Webbot Interview 2 January 2013

This hour interview is meant to have some good information on the Global Coastal Event so I wanted to listen to it as soon as I can to find out what that info is. You can find the Well Rounded Corners website, a New Age, Metaphysical  Healing and Alternative Talk radio here,

Note that one of the more interesting topics that come up is around the booming or groaning noises inside the Earth. Cliff has a very good explanation as to why this is occurring. There is some good additional detail in here and it's worth reading. A Magnetic Pole Shift is discussed, the suns strange activity and more.

It starts off with a question being asked by the Audience of Well Rounded Corners about the price increases with Silver and Gold. Cliff starts talking about three temporal markers and that he is waiting for the third in that group. The first one was about 'firefighters' showing up in suits in California and then the assault on the people in the east.

He says these temporal markers are a cluster that start before the Silver price starts to rise. He says that there is a super huge bubble going on, the largest bubble ever in existence which is in relation to the bonds and the financial economy.

Fire can be an acronym for a finance based economy not a manufacturing economy where America is at this stage in time. He says these bond bubbles will collapse and propel the silver rise. He says silver is in extremely short supply at the moment.

They then start talking about an actual event that occurred with the firefighters in America but they don't go into details. However, this is confirmation for Cliff that this part of the webbot data has come true. Perhaps one of my readers here could comment and fill me in on what actually happened.

Cliff then gets into the language change in the webbot data, as in the linguistics of the reported data that the webbot picks up has changed recently. He mentions there is a lot of immediacy data, as in data about the current times up ahead, the short term future, instead of more long term stuff.

Cliff goes into his theory on why the language has changed which isn't really important to mention on here.

Courtney Brown is then brought up as they have interview him a number of times and it's mentioned that there is a lot of commonality there and Courtney's remote viewing work agrees with Cliffs data. One of the questions that is asked is "What are you your thoughts concerning both your projectional forecasts for 2013."

Cliff answers with "It scares the carp right out of his pond."

Cliff mentions that this situation is why he is starting to run the Immediacy Data Intelligence Report. This is a subscription based service on Cliff's website which has a released audio blog each Thursday about the coming week. He is specifically looking at that data for that week, every week, and he says that he may be able to fine tune it enough to get a 30 day window, or warning for the Global Coastal Event.

Cliff will then be able to warn and help people with a proper window of time.

Cliff mentions there has been some new Russian work with remote viewing that substantiates the view that this event coming up, which will separate our consciousness into a before and after view of 2013, and sometime at the end of 2013 you will be able to say to everyone before..., and then after..., and they will know exactly what your talking about. This will generate a huge amount of communication between the two people if they did that as there would be some event in your region that would be this marker.

The Russian remote viewing has seen that somewhere between Crimea and Mongolia is going to get hit with rains that will wash away entire mountains and flatten regions that are hilly into a soggy inland sea. They know that by June the water has started to recede. So it's built up before that and then come down again.

So Cliff is of the opinion now is that he is looking at something around the Equinox but before the early part of May. So from March the 22nd to May 11 is the period of time to expect the Global Coastal Event.

Cliff says that it's very difficult to separate the longer term data from the short term data because of the amount of short term data coming in and is another reason why he is taking the approach of starting the Immediacy Data Intelligence Reports

One question comes up about the increase in Earthquake activity in the Pacific North West, (I assume this is America? or perhaps the North West of the Pacific Ocean?) Cliff says this is part of the process. Cliff then talks about the Golden age and a few things about that. He reminds us that we are starting down that road into the Golden Age but it will take 72 years to get there.

We should expect more energy coming in through the solar system and one of the effects of that is that the planets are growing. From sink holes, to the groaning, (booming) which Cliff says is energy from space coming in which is making our planet grow. It's hitting the skin of the mantle to cause the mantle to vibrate out sound.

The energy is flooding into the plasma core of the planet which is about to have an expansion episode. This constant wobbling is what we are experiencing and the fresh hold will be the Global Coastal Event.

The mention of the Sun Disease now comes up, which I mentioned recently in 'This Changing World - Temporal markers for 2013 - Webbot Data Analysis Report'. Cliff says the sun is having some really strange behavior. Not only does it have multiple poles but it's going through processes which should be producing CME's, but it's not.

Is the Sun going to expand? We don't know Cliff says. The Sun experiences electrical energy at a huge level and all kinds of things are occurring at the far reaches of that. The X-Ray levels are way up. The hydrogen levels are high up and it's all ramping up at a fast rate. The increase in all of this gives Cliff more confidence in the Global Coastal Event occurring before mid year.

The question then comes up about a Magnetic Pole Shift. Cliff thinks that a magnetic pole shift four thousand years ago wouldn't have really impacted anyone except the birds. But because our magnetosphere is basically a colander now, and rather weak, parts of the magnetosphere is collapsing and is what is causing the really bad winter in Russia at the moment.

The last time the Mayan Long Count ended, 5,115 years ago, this situation we are going through now with the weakened magnetosphere was also going on and there was flash freezing around the planet. Glaciers suddenly formed, animals froze in place, etc. Cliff thinks that by the magnetic pole moving around, these sorts of events could happen again soon and could bring some very cold temperatures.

A long segment goes on now about radiation, static electricity, lemon balm tea, Faraday cages, grounding your hosue, the negatives of wi fi waves, etc, which doesn't really relate to any of this so I haven't included it.

The next part talks about the Cousin Alexy Alien in earlier webbot data, which again isn't really relevant so I haven't gone into that. (the question is asked by a Well Rounder Corner audience member)

They keep talking about the firefighter incident at this point and again I don't know what they are referring to. The interviewer says that this situation is not an esoteric type of thing that could have been predicted. I need to do some research on look this up!

Cliff is asked near the end if anything is seen in the immediacy data and short turn future. One of the things that comes up is that people are talking about huge section of rock may give way on the great barrier reef. The side where the super volcano side is he says. There is talk of nuclear plants being wiped away on coasts.   Rivers of rain around the world like no ones ever seen.

The Russian remote viewers see annual rainfall per hour.

Cliff finished off the interview mentioning that Aliens may come and help us out if we are lucky. As you may have noticed, I have discussed this in a number of Dolores Cannon posts I have made on here.


Wherami said...

There are two themes with the firefighter. A number of fireman were shot at in NYC during their workday of battling a fire. Also a firefighter fund had a corrupt financial person who is being sued for deceptive practices. This was big news in California

Laron said...

I just remembered hearing about two fireman being shot back in December. It may be that California news though.