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Psychic Earth Change Predictions October to December 2012

Jessica just posted a new you tube video here. She discusses dark energy and it's relation to this period in time. She explains how the energy is really building up now and that is why some of us (the more sensitive ones to energy) are experiencing unusual and unexplained physical symptoms such as headaches and tiredness.

Most importantly, she pinpoints a time period for her predicted California / West coast of America earthquake / earth change event. She says from the week of the 28th up until the 31st of October is most likely the time period that all this energy will be released and as a result, the event in the Pacific to occur.

So, what about other psychic predictions out there? I have done some research and came up with the following that support Jessica's prediction.

Mike Loop
Mike is a Psychic Medium who does healing and readings. His website is here,

He has a predictions page here,, and as you can see, he has predicted a number of correct events this year. In relation to California, he says, "Between September 21st 2011- to the end of October 2011  I feel that between Central and Southern, California will be having a Major Earthquake off the San Andreas Fault. Mag of 7.2-8.2."

Also knows as 'Psychic to the Stars', Nikki predicted the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the Wall Street protests in New York City, the devastating tornadoes in the US mid-west including Joplin, Missouri. She also predicted the deaths of Elizabeth Taylor and Amy Winehouse, the royal weddings of Prince Albert of Monaco as well as the wedding for William and Kate of England, and the trouble in Syria.

For 2012 in general, she predicts that maps of the world will change and a Giant earthquake in California. She predicts 'the earth will fall of it's axis a bit more'. However, no dates, just the year in general is provided by her.

Something I just remembered is that over the past month I have heard stories of animals attacking their owners, through friends and work colleagues. Nikki predicts this to occur leading up to the end of 2012.

T. Chase

This you tube video here, , was created by T. Chase. Through astrololgy and chanelling, he has predicted that an underwater fault line in Washington state could produce a giant tsunami from a magnitude 9 earthquake, which would hit the North West US, Japan and Hawai. He says other large quakes will occur around the world. His time frame is from October to December 2012. He also mentions California to be hit by a magnitude 8 quake during this time period.

As for his history with accurate predictions, I didn't bother looking that up. (his website is far too hard for me to read!)

So, after delving into about 12 pages of google searches, I end my research here. I found some other predictions dated to occur earlier in the year which are very similar though. I have a few theories around why not many psychics are picking this up or possible future events next year.

I do think that it is very difficult for them to get messages around anything relating to this period in time and that includes 2013 as well. Why? The Earth and it's beings are going through a phase and shift into a higher dimension and the energies are going to be in a very strange state. Peoples soul contracts are in play here, meaning they are not meant to know exactly what is going to happen as it's all been agreed upon unconsciously by each of us, whether we stay or go or ascend or whatever that may be.

On top of all of this, it is said that the beings above are trying to intervene so that the changes are not as bad physically as they would be without intervention. This therefore affects the timing of upcoming changes as well.

If we had very convincing forewarned knowledge available to the whole population, then that would change everything. That would be like playing a game of frogger (the frog has to cross the road) and being able to freeze time so you could slip between each car without a worry.

Just imagine though if all of a sudden, all the well known psychics around the world released the same information of a coming event. It would cause chaos and fear. Fear causes blockages and is a great detriment to these times. I seriously doubt it would ever happen like this, with many people coming out of the woodwork and saying this or that is about to happen. I think it's either being controlled by the higher entities that govern over this great event in time, or that it really is more simply a blockage of energies and information because of the shift to the earth and to consciousness in general.

I remember once reading about the so called time travel experiments involved in the Montauk project (which has a relation to the Philadelphia Experiment)  found that they could not time travel to 2013 for some reason. I have never forgot this and how it seems so coincidental to this period in time.

There will always be little bits of information out there and these people supplying the information may have access to what's coming, simply because of who they effect with this information.. their followers, friends and families. Our soul contracts would therefore state we are meant to be aware of it, in that situation. I think Jessica is one of these people.

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