Monday, June 11, 2012

Energy & the Three Waves of Volunteers

[this entry discusses a personal energy experience and the possible connection with the second wave of volunteers that Dolores Cannon discusses in her many books]

“You have to surrender to the energy above and below.” - Shirley MacLaine

And surrender is what I did. It was about the 7th of May, 2012 and I woke up, noticing my fingers were a bit sore and uncomfortable. That sensation happened for the next couple of days or so. Something else I noticed was that I could feel this constant stream of energy coming out of my right hand. For the next five days or so, I felt it consistently, and it was very strong. The actual sensation is very hard to put into words for others to understand, but it’s very similar to what I feel when I scan a persons energy during healings. I pick up various sensations in my hand, and this was similar to that, but also I knew it was different. It’s a physical sensation of energy either coming in or going out of my hand, or possibly both.

During that period back then, there was a full moon on the 10th of May, three days after I started getting the feeling in my hand. The sensation lasted for another two or three days. Then again just before the eclipse occurred, on the 21st of May, 2012, it came back. And it then went away again a few days after that.

My guess is that it was related to the energy around the full moon and the eclipse. I was picking something up, that was going on. I normally scan people and animals of course, but this time it was something I couldn’t turn off, as when I move my hand away from a persons chakra, earth star, transpersonal point or Auric layer, the sensation stops.

Was it just a new ability that had developed for me and I could now detect when full moons and eclipses were coming? Or was it related to something else that was going on around those times? I will probably never know, but I know it is energy related and if I analyse over what I have been taught and what I have learnt on my own ,I would say I was either acting unconsciously as a conduit for energy coming through into the earth for whatever reasons, or I was detecting energy coming into the Earth from another source.

Why would I be channelling energy into the Earth? To help heal it? To help prepare the Earth through stabilising and strengthening this or that, for the coming shift? Perhaps this would be a reason for why something else up above may have been sending energy down? Perhaps it was coincidence that it was happening around a full moon and an eclipse?

We all know that eclipses tend to have stronger energy that full moon in general. There are usually larger earthquakes around the eclipses.

Something I just remembered was that the full moon or ‘Super moon’ back on May the 6th was the closest one to the Earth for the year. Perhaps the energy was stronger because of that.

This line of thought and questioning brings me to the volunteers which Dolores Cannon discusses in her various books.

There are various types or categories of helpers that that come to Earth to help it with the transition, and those on it during the transition.

Some of these helpers have never been here before. They are first timers. They have never had lives on Earth before. They usually have to have what is called imprinting done, where other spirits past lives are imprinted into their memory so they can function more easily since it’s their first time. This is why some people who have past life regression end up having the same lives as other people.

The first timers are known to have difficulty adjusting to the Earth and they usually don’t like being here. Violence is a big thing for them and they have trouble experiencing or seeing it, because where they came from, they were used to peace, beauty and love. They have a natural longing to return “home”, but have no idea where home actually is. Their age range is usually around the late forties, to late fifties.

What Dolores classifies as the second wave, these people are in their late twenties to late thirties now. In comparison to the first timers, they have not had as many issues as them and move through life much more easily. They are usually helping others in some kind of way during their life. These people usually create no Kalma and are known to go unnoticed. They can be described as ‘Antennas’, ‘channels’ or ‘observers’. They are known to direct energy that is needed by the Earth at this time.
These second wave folks usually don’t have children, as children create Karma and they don’t want to be tied down to the Earth cycle. They are often unmarried and have little responsibilities which gives them free time to explore their true interests and passions, which would be usually around helping others.  (a lot of this is unconscious and is just the way they live their life without understanding any of this of course). It is said that the Earth experience does not affect them as traumatically as the first timers, or first Wave.

The third wave are the new children, many who are in their teens now or early 20’s. They have come in with all the knowledge needed on an unconscious level. Their DNA has already been altered. As with the other folks, this has been altered in various ways during their lives. This wave usually have no problems being here, apart from their adult parents who may cause some issues because of them not being understood for who they are.

So there you go. That second lot surely sounds very accurate to my situation and would explain a few things for me. I wonder if the reader can see any similarities with their own lives and those three types of spirits here on Earth at this time. I’m not saying I am one of the second waves, but it’s a possibility and it could explain what was going on with the Energy coming through me, which I noticed last month.


Anonymous said...

How incredibly interesting. I can certainly relate to those of the First Wave, as can (I think) others of my generation who cannot abide violence or agression, particularly to the earth. I wonder if this first generation, rather than try to use their own inante healing powers, resolved instead to work within the human realm, instigating the 'Green' movement as a way of helping the earth. Just a thought.

Dave said...

I'm 55, and have felt a constant energy in my hands for the last 2 years. It's getting stronger, and I can sense peoples emotions. The energy gets so strong, that I have seizures. The last one in october,2012, everyone in the room at the time felt a strong energy, and told me that I wasn't alone. None of the phones, land or cell would work for over 20 minutes. When they finally connected, they said it was as if they were connected to something else. I was out for over 4 hours, and when I woke up at the hospital, my hips were burning, and my left foot and ankle was swollen. It was like a was hit by lightning. A week later they did a follow up, and the electro cardiogram was still reading me, even after the wires were removed. The technician said that she has never seen this before, and it's like it's picking up something else in the room.

Laron said...

Hey Dave,

I didn't mention it but I am also very empathic, but in a different sense to how you describe it I think.

Did you get sick in any way or have permanent side effects or pain after that particular seizure?

That is certainly very electric! It must have been really worrying.

You may find some answers to what this is about this year.


Leo Kis said...

Ahhh yes, definitely second wave..

Tyche1 said...

Quite possible I'm a First Waver:)

Solomama said...

I have also started to question myself as second wave after having the information on the 3 Waves by Dolores Cannon sent to me by a friend. It would explain a lot. Thank you for your insight here.

Laron said...

I do think that if there is any confusion, it helps to look at it by our ages, as the age seems to be one of the primary elements.

Wherami said...

I think that also some of the first wave that have already died may have come back in additional waves or mixed in with the 2nd and 3rd. giving them additional wisdom.