Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Imprints, Soul Contracts & Reincarnation

An imprint? What is that? Well, while taking part in the recent course I did with Dolores Cannon, she talked about so many different things along the way, which related to what we were learning, and one of those things were about imprints.

Over the thousands of cases she had done, she began to find a theme in some of her clients past lives which relates to past life imprints. She writes about this in one of her books, but I heard enough from her discussion on it to understand it fully.

But first, to explain that theory, I need to go into the system behind it all, which is reincarnation and where we come

There are souls who have experienced hundreds of different lives. From my understanding, it’s the norm for most of us to start off as particles of energy, most likely in the ‘source’, which is what we would say is the place most of us come from. I’m not sure yet how our over-soul or higher self would exist and function in that source location. Perhaps it would be one whole entity(but part of the pool of energy consciousness), or would have multiple particles joined to it. Anyways, from there we venture out into the dimensional universe and explore. We can chose to incarnate on earth and we then get put in this karmic cycle of life and death.

From what I am learning, we start off as the very basic level of existence here, such as inside a rock or a plant, and from there we move onto trees and other basic life before becoming human. Our over-soul (which is really the real us) does this so that it can experience the many different experiences through various opportunities, from being on the earth.

So there we are, in this cycle. Before we drop in for another round, our soul contract is worked out each time we have a life here. Our soul family usually take part. They are the people we usually have a strong connection with in this life, the ones who seem more important than the standard acquaintance. Based upon karma and what lessons we decide to learn in this round, we all setup together some system of helping another person out by performing some fated action that has a major impact on their life, or having them do the same in our life, or both. But, free will is also always there. From the stories I have heard, spirit can guide you back on your path if you tend to drift off it too much, but also the bodies illnesses and condition(such as a sore foot, etc) can be messages to you about this.

I just realised I could go on and on about this and delve into stories I heard Dolores talk about regarding spirit influencing a persons life so that they may change direction and do what they were meant to do

She started running into people who had no former lives as they had come strait here into their first life, but she worked out they had imprints of other peoples lives which were not actually real experiences pertaining to that soul/person. As if we came directly into a human life without having any past lives, it would be very chaotic and difficult because we would simply not know how to function very well in this dimensional existence.
This means she had people who had the same lives as other people she had regressed. This is how she had worked this out, but also from asking the higher self when it came through in the second part of her healing regression technique. So she could then get answers directly. She just didn’t know the questions to ask until then.

She said it was very difficult to know if the former life was an imprint or not, but in the end it didn not matter because that was still the persons history and experiences. This sort of things reminds me of a computer software program and also the Matrix series of movies. It makes you wonder where the writers of the Matrix got their ideas from...

I find this imprint theory fascinating. It makes you think and wonder what else could be happening with this whole amazing system of life in the dimensional universe out there.


Anonymous said...

No its Not! Its pretty easy to determine an Imprinted Life from a Real Life. Its more then just some imprint, Dolores is (Wrong Again). You have to look at soul groups people incarnate in groups!! Personality, likes, dislikes, Birth Marks, Hobbies, Dreams, visions, weird experiences, Diseases or Disorders, Your Aura, Things you Excel in, Phobias, or even try asking your subconscious if it was an imprint or a real life lived, Ecsetra.... So its really easier then you think to discern an imprint from the actual thing. Dolores Cannon is a wonderful woman, but I really doubt that all she knows is Genuine or Accurate? Or if she really knows all she claims to know? Or even if what she's getting is really the truth from her clientel? But yes there are many ways to discern an implant from an actually lived life.

Laron said...

Hi Anonymous,

Dolores was simply referring to when she is taking someone through a past life when she made that statement, that it's difficult to know. She has many methods of finding out if she wishes to.

The past lives that come through are always for a valid reason, not random, so I personally don't think it's important if a past life is an imprint or not. Especially in this period in time, it's such a minor issue in comparison to the greater scheme of things.