Friday, November 25, 2011

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Process

A few are waiting for me to write out the process the person has to go through while having the healing technique performed on them.

Dolores spends up to at least four hours with every client. She also explains that she usually addresses all issues and therefore only needs to see the client the one time. All the emotional issues and physical issues are covered in that one session.

Before coming into the session, a list of questions and also requests should be written up by the client. If there is a physical condition that needs healing and is important, that should be
mentioned. If there are any questions relating to the life of the client, such as why did an event happen to them that they could not understand or work out the reason for. Anything at all can be answered accurately by the higher intelligence that comes through in the second part of the process.
Examples would be a back injury that won’t go away. Why did someone’s child die? Why are they here? What is their purpose in life? etc

First off there is an interview where the complete history of the person’s life is discussed. All the past relationships, the upbringing at child hood and later years, parents, family, important friends, work, study, etc.
This is important for many reasons. This can take a few hours, but of course if the person is already known to the one doing the healing, then it can be a lot shorter. It’s important to then work out who the main and important people are in the person’s life for a number of reasons. One
would be that when the past life issue comes along (it can be the current life sometimes), the important people in the persons life now may have been in that past one, which is crucial to know sometimes. (as it can answer a lot of “why”questions)

The client is usually on a bed for the session as it needs to be a very comfortable spot. The client closes their eyes are guided through an induction process. This is like a relaxation process but also it combines visualisations to take the person down deeper. Hypnosis is all part of this, but the way I look at it is that the purpose of all of this is not to tell the person what to do, only to help with the regression and sub-conscious(high intelligence) parts of the session.

The client is guided through a through visualisations and then onto a past life. If the life is short, then another may come up. This life that comes up is being shown because of the main reasons behind why the client actually has come. Especially if it’s a major issue they want
resolved. So the client is guided through these past lives and then at the end, if they wished beforehand, the afterlife can be explored before going onto the next step.

Then after that, the second main part of the whole process happens. The client is taken into trance through a guided hypnosis technique. The higher intelligence then starts talking through the client and all the questions and requests are gone over with the sub-conscious and anything else that the healer may think is important to ask for and ask about.

Healing can take place instantly, over a period of a few minutes. This is the sort of thing that us humans would call miracles.
It’s just not something you would think could be possible as it goes beyond all the laws of this dimension. But, this is a much higher power and it’s here to heal us and help us.

It is said that the veil is thinning. The energy and boundary that separates us from this dimension, the third, and the 5th dimension, AKA the spirit world but what I call the astral dimension. As 2012 comes and goes, these sorts of miracles will become more common and more well
known. people will start trusting in the strange and unusual more than ever in a long time in our history.

So, once all the healing is done and the questions answered, the person is brought out slowly and they then are asked to open their eyes. Some people don’t remember what went on. Most people think maybe 15 minutes had passed when it was an hour or an hour and a half. Some people
remember in a way like they do when they recall dreams.

What went on is then discussed and then the session is over.


Linda said...

My crown chakra was humming from very start as I read that :) I'll just thank you in spades, and in advance right here Laron, or else I'll comment to every post! Really looking forward to learning more. Clearly, this is something for me.

Laron said...

Linda, I just heard right now that there are online classes on dolores cannon's website if your interested. Before it's only been taught by her when she travels around the world.

Linda said...

Oh really? That's cool! That's great......Thank you!