Monday, November 21, 2011

Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Two days ago I saw a miracle performed in front of my eyes as Dolores used her healing and regression technique in front of the class. To get strait to the point, a person was healed there on the spot in front of all of us, of a very rare condition. Dolores has done thousands of these healings and goes around the world teaching her exact technique through courses. (she gave feedback on the spot, was able to physically show things were better, and the next day she gave even more feedback)

Why do I believe this is real and not fake? I will explain later on. (people know I just don’t take something for granted that easy…)

I sit here with my laptop, writing in this event room which is attached to the Mecure Hotel here in Geelong, (Melbourne), Australia. It’s the middle of the day here on day four of this two level course and I just couldn’t help myself and I had to start writing about what I have experienced here.

I flew here from Sydney so that I could partake in a course taught and performed by Dolores Cannon. The technique and course name is a bit confusing as it’s titled “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique”. After learning all about the technique , I don’t think of it as having a strong relation to hypnosis, however hypnosis is part of it. Past Life Regression and trance is also part of it. You may not know, but trance mendiumship is the highest level of mendiumship you can get. (My best friend is one) However, the trance used in this is very different than what you would expect.

A quick explanation of the process is that we learn how to guide the person into a past life, sometimes more than one, we learn all about that life(s), then sometimes we move on into the spirit world and learn about what happened in-between incarnations. That is half of what happens. We then bring in the higher self/universal consciousness(I am still getting my head around exactly what that is that comes through ), aka the sub-conscious.(Dolores’s label) A direct connection with the intelligence up there is then established and they talk through the person using the persons voice. We go over the past life with this intelligence, by asking many questions, and a few important aspects are explained. The characters played in that life are asked about, who they are in the persons current life, what lesson they were meant to learn and how it may relate to any physical illness/condition/psychological issue that the person has come to get resolved.

Once all this is identified and anything else (we have detailed instructions on what to ask/do, but we have our own free will of course with the questioning), the persons questions which they prepared before coming are asked and answered by this higher intelligence. Note that every answer is always accurate and correct, but some things can not be answered because it may not be information the person, or the healer, is allowed to know at that point in time. The akashic records are also accessed by the intelligence that comes through , when required. The intelligence will sometimes say, ‘checking’, checking’, as it checks the records.
Then if appropriate, we ask the intelligence (in the right words, and with great respect) if they can heal whatever the issue is with the client, such as cancer, or AIDS, or a thyroid problems, a pain that will not go away, cysts, etc, etc, anything at all, and it happens there over a few minutes or longer, depending on the issue. Some things can take a day or up to a month, but usually it’s strait away.

Once the sub-conscious is contacted, while the person is in that trance state, it’s pretty much guaranteed that whatever illness or issue the person has, it will be healed and also totally explained properly for why it came along, if the right questions are answered which takes a lot of practice from the healer.

Why do I believe so much in this? A number of things come to mind. But why do I feel I need to explain myself about why I do believe? Well, this is a blog and I’m a writer, so I might as well.

-I sat there for four days listening to Dolores speak and I learnt a lot about her , her wisdom and intelligence, her motives and personality. She has no reason as all to make any of this up. She has been doing it for 45 years or so. She is obviously not doing this for money. She has had repeated success after success and has played examples of these on tape and demonstrated it in front of us and in many other courses she’s teached with others.

-On day four, level 2, we had about 23 people sitting at the front that had been practicing the technique on clients for up to a year and longer. One who was in Sydney, had done one thousand people through her practice. A few had done 50 or 60, some only 2-3, and every single one of them had success. Of course, they said they had hard cases with left brained people, but every single one had got it to work. Each one gave examples of one or two clients (which took about four hours all to go through them all). After hearing all of them, which was so very fascinating to listen to because of the reasons behind why people get sick and get into certain situations in this life, I really felt I could trust in the whole process even more.

-At the airport on my return journey home, I got into a deep conversation with one of the people who talked about their clients, he had done 60 or so through his practice and was also a medium which he couldn’t help but include his skills with the whole process. He told me about his success, a few more examples, and the trust built up with him and I knew he believed it.

-Delores is an Author of many books which talk about a lot of very interesting topics about new age areas. ET’s, life after death, past lives, karma, etc, etc. I am yet to read the books but I have had feedback from a family member who has read a lot of them and I am told they match up with other author’s writings on such theories and beliefs of mine. But the information given is even more detailed and she gets it from the trance part of this healing technique. The information comes through sometimes and she goes into more questions if anything new comes up that she doesn’t know. That’s how she gets material for her books. I’m probably not explaining this properly, but this is another reason that makes me lean towards trusting all this.

I made about thirty pages of notes over those four days, and I have to go through them and write them up , which will assist me with the instructions I already have for the technique. There’s also material in there I want to write about as well.

I’m very excited to see the results of this technique firsthand and to start practicing this on people I know. We are being sent files with more sessions on, so we can get examples for harder cases. I also have a flash drive with more of these as well.

I hope I am ready for this and that my past experience in life has been enough to kick me on my way into doing this very seriously.


Peter said...

Amazing, thank you so much for sharing this!

Laron said...

Thanks for dropping by Peter! said...

Larpn do you know if Dolores is coming back to Australia any time soon.

Laron said...

Hello there,

When I saw her last, she said she was not going to be back in Australia for a long time.

On her website here,, there is a listing of upcoming events and there is no Australian planned event showing.

Note that she now teaches QHHT online.