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Feedback from my Healings

This entry is going to go over some of my healing experience so far in my life. After healing three psychics / sensitive over the past 3 months, from the consistent feedback from all three, I have been provided with a decent idea of what my true gift and ability is with regards to healing people. This could just be the beginning of something grander of course. Time will tell. I am also discussing my distant healing experience, teachings from my College and past hands on experience when healing pain.

Its early days for me with my healing, but I have had some amazing experiences so far. I am currently on a 3 week term break from my College and the courses in my Diploma, so it’s a good time to write about a few things.

Through my Healing and Metaphysics College, I am learning about the energy system, the Aura’s, their layers and the chakras with regards to healing. We haven’t dealt with healing illness directly, or pain or sickness. We have learnt why and where they form though. So far we have mainly been concentrating on aligning and...
balancing the lower four layers/bodies to make their energy exist and function more healthily. We have also done work on grounding the energy body and visualisation techniques with colors and guiding the universal energy into the chakras. All of this is about making the energy flow better and removing blocks in the energy system of the body. There are lots of health benefits from doing all of this of course.

I have done around ten to fifteen distant/remote healings. These sessions usually last around 40 minutes. I have used the distant healing technique learnt from my Reiki level 2 certification, which includes using multiple Reiki symbols. In each session I have had the intention of healing a physical pain/illness/injury.

In all these healings, I never failed to make the pain go away. This is something I have to keep reminding myself.

While I write this up, I am just thinking back now on a few of the sessions I had to explain what I have worked on with regards to pain and illness.

I remember there was a liver infection. After the session the pain had lessened. Another case was cancer related. The pain in the area from a surgical procedure was not going away, so I did multiple sessions over a period of weeks, to help lesson the pain. The pain would usually be gone for a day or more, where without the healing it would be constantly there every hour of the day. Bad period pain was another one and after one session the pain was lessened.

Since I started at my Metaphysics and Healing College in February, I have done many practice healings using techniques learnt from my college. On top of that, in the past over the years, I have placed my hands on people I have known, friends, family, partners, and I have taken away their pain in each situation.

Years ago, a past partner had a very bad injury from a motorbike accident. I would sometimes place my hand on the area, while not having any idea of what I was doing back then, and it would simply make her feel better and take the pain away.

Last year I did the same thing on a person who had back pain, but I used Reiki hand positions when doing it and the pain got better. However the underlying issue was much more complex so it was just a temporary resolution.

Also last year, the same person I did some distance healing on for a liver infection - I also did some hands on when she was going through some really bad pain where she couldn't move half of her body because of how strong the pain was - After about 20 minutes or more of hands on healing, all the pain was gone.

I have also used self healing on my self. One example is that I used to get a lot of pain in my ankle from ligament damage after I had a motorbike accident. I would place my hands on that area for a while and it would lesson and sometimes go away. The pain would get so bad that I just had to try something, even though it was an awkward position. But I have learnt that distant healing techniques can be used on my self when positions are hard to get to.

So, I have done three full one hour healings now using my own style which is a combination of hands on healing and visualization/breathing using a chakra and energy. All three were done on strong psychics that could pick up and sense what was happening to them throughout the healing I performed, in their own ways as each person is different in the way they sense psychically. I am fortunate enough to have had these people in my life and available to me to receive a healing because if it was anyone else, the feedback would have been very limited.

Basically, the following is what happens when I do my healing. The persons astral body is guided out of their physical so that , I assume, the healing can access more ‘areas’, and while out, the healing takes place unblocking energy blockages and improving the flow of energy throughout the chakras and energy bodies. On top of that, I seem to be able to bring in memories of past lives and unblock issues related around them. This is really powerful as past life regression is what is usually needed to heal such issues and I had no idea that it could be done in this way through a simple energy healing session. But on two occasions of the three clients, the past life situation was confirmed.

All of this is unconscious and just happens, it’s not something I am thinking about, as all I am doing is channeling the energy from the source of the universal and earth energy, via my energy system, through a chakra and out down my arms and through my hands.

On the three healings I did, each of them remembered leaving their body. Two of them were off in a higher dimension in another realm, while one was above their body, which is actually a higher dimension, the 5th as that would mean the astral dimension.
But note that all three have experienced this before, leaving their body, so it’s not a new sensation for them. For two of them, it’s rarer for them to leave their body so it was a special experience to have me unconsciously assist them in doing that.

I would never expect non sensitives / physics to retain this memory though, unless I also have the ability to help the client fuse in the memories as the astral body returns to the physical. We all astral project every night when we sleep, that’s how common this is. We just rarely retain those memories because the memories overlap each other. There’s the brains physical body memories and then the astral bodies memories and the same time period has occurred when the memories are formed, so it’s very hard to remember both, let alone the astral memories. But I have done this and it’s amazing when you do remember, especially both sets of memories for the same time period as that can be hard to understand.

I’m going a bit off track here. So with two of the three clients, past lives came up. I was told details of past lives that they remembered. In one case I was part of a past life that the person had which was special for me to hear and it showed how real our friendship was because of a bond we had in a past life.

One of the three could feel strongly when blocks were released. She knew when the energy was leaving and clearing, depending on what are I was working on at the time.

All three of them could sense spirit guides and I knew I had guides with me who were helping with the process, possibly other beings, not just guides. So this process is not just involving me, but others who come to help. I know it’s possible that on a higher level I am directing the healing, of what really happens and I just don’t have access to that level .It could be some relation to my higher self, or a body above the astral body, however that works. Or it could just be the guides doing the main work. But I believe I have done this before and I am simply remembering how to do this on another level.

One client explained that when I was reaching the end of the healing, when I was working no the third eye chakra, she felt I was grounding and realigning her into her body and bringing her back into this time zone, which in other words would mean this dimension.

So it was confirmation after confirmation with these healings and it was a great motivator for me. Because I don’t sense much when I perform the healings, I just do it, I don’t have messages coming through or sense blockages, it can be a challenge for me as I don’t know if I am actually doing anything. I hope to of course develop these ways of sensing in the future through healing practice, inner child/shadow work, energy work and by other means including ceremonies with Shaman’s in Peru.

Two of the patients said it took them a few days to recover from the healing, as in they really felt the lifting of the energy blockages and were more opened up because of it. I never asked for feedback about this for the third , but not everyone is in a state where they are so blocked up or have issues that are really bad. Also some things just can’t be sensed as easily, as I know very well from personal experience. I try so hard to sense and get out of my analytical mind.

On all three occasions, the three clients who have been healed before said I was a very strong healer as well. And of course it’s just obvious that I am when they sensed so many things when I healed them. But I am very humble and I reassurance and confirmation is always appreciated.

In the future I hope to work more on physical sickness and illnesses as I think I would do very well in resolving these types of issues, as I have already done but not very frequently. I’m not sure how to go about it yet. I still think in person healings are more powerful than distant healings so do prefer to do that but it can be hard to reach people sometimes.

I think that’s all for now!

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