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Receiving an Energetic Healing

About two weeks ago I had a healing session performed on me that lasted about an hour. I had so much feedback on what was detected and cleared away that I thought it useful to write this all up and put the information out there so that others can get some idea about what the point is of having energy healing done on them.

While this goes over certain aspects of the results of a healing session, it doesn’t go into the additional benefits having your chakras and energy systems balanced and vitalised, which is a major health benefit physically, emotionally and spiritually.

To get a quick perspective at the complexities of our energy bodies, we...
have seven primary chakra systems that most people interested in this topic and new age topics, are usually aware of. On top of that, we have minor energy centres throughout the body at many different places. Some of these are located in the joints of our fingers and toes and the centre’s of our hands and feet.
Each chakra also has another 7 chakras inside which I won’t go into. This can be thought of as layers of an onion radiating out each of the primary chakras.

I could go into an explanation of what each Chakra represents and how it relates to our physical bodies age, but that is not the purpose of this blog!

We then have multiple energy bodies attached to our earth’s physical body. The etheric, the emotional, the mental, the astral/spiritual and others as well. Each of these energy bodies can have healing/energy work done on them directly that would balance and heal stuck/negative energy and other issues such as mental/emotional.

Physical illness does not start directly on the physical 3rd dimensional body that we can look down and see, but on an outer energy body and it then makes its way down through these energy bodies to the physical and manifests. Sensitive’s - people who can sense and detect the outer energy bodies can determine when someone is going to be sick in the future, from looking at these outer energy bodies.

I would also like to add that we can pick up other peoples energy if we have a weakened or sensitive energy system, and that energy can attach to us and cause various physical symptoms on our physical body. This can happen by hugging people front on, or simply being near some body. Many people that do massage can feel drained and burnt out because of this. Nurses who work in hospital would pick up a lot of energy or people simply walking into one could feel the difference.

On top of that, on very rare occasions, entities can attach them selves to your energy bodies outside this dimension and this can also cause physical symptoms. Curses can be theorised as relating to this sort of thing. If a physical earthly object is cursed, then that object, if you carry it around, could drain your energy or even effect your energy system negatively.

In the future, I am sure I will write up a more comprehensive article on all of this as I think it needs to be all brought into one article that people can read to get a accurate understand of the benefits of energy healing.

I will move onto my healing now. As usual I don’t feel too much when having spiritual work done upon me. So for the hours healing I had various sensations happen, some which I have probably forgot since it was over a week ago. I always feel at least the warmth and cold on various parts of my body and I mean extreme, not just me being cold or warm because of the current temperature but the feeling of it being unusual, knowing it’s coming from the energy of the healing being performed or something else.

Just after my legs were finished being worked on, I felt this really cool feeling over them and I instantly had the thought that there were spirits there as it was the whole area and it wasn’t the usual heat feeling I get. I think my intuition was at work, which is something I am new to as in the past I have had trouble knowing what intuition is. In the past few months I think I have started to notice it more and more.

When a person heals their patient, they usually have spirit guides and sometimes other beings there assisting, so this does make sense. The well known energy healing book, ‘Hands of Light’ explains this in great detail and has pictures depicting it. (Author : Barbara Ann Brennan). Barbara was a NASA research scientist before becoming a healer so her book is good for those people with doubts about the esoteric work, as she starts off from a scientific speculative approach in her book and builds up from there.

I also remember feeling a lot of energy around my feet when they were being worked on. Otherwise I can’t recall anything else. (I should have noted it down strait away!)

So after the healing, I got this feedback below from all the healing that was done on me.

Note: I haven’t gone into as much detail as I could, as it is rather personal and private. But I am writing this from a teachers point of view, so it can help others and I am willing to divulge limited personal information for that purpose.

The Left foot
The healer sensed there were shards in the ankle area, which she said she removed. The emotion and feeling that the healer felt for that area was anger. Very powerful anger. The anger was related to receiving.
A pattern in my life has been about people not giving to me and people not being there for me. Being let down, being abandoned. So the general theme was about that and that was the cause of that blockage and the shards.

Coincidently, the left foot is what got damaged in a motorcycle accident I had over in New Zealand about two years ago. Since then I have had pain in that ankle on and off as it never really healed properly. Since the healing I haven’t felt any pain. There is a lot more to this but I think that’s all I need to discuss.

Left Leg
She felt that my left leg was not activated properly so she fixed the energy flow there. Something she saw visually after doing this was a white light flashing next to my foot.

Right Groin-in hip
This was similar to the left foot area but about giving. It was about people not being able to receive from me, not being able to appreciate what I give to them. So those people had their own issues of not being able to receive which was the root cause.
So I had a feeling of not being valued and this was the cause of the energy blockage there.

Belly / Sacral Chakra
Here was lot of sadness which caused the healer to cry. The blockage was related to being alone, being isolated. Not having others to connect with. There was lots of sadness showing but not just from this life, but through other lives.
All the energy was not flowing correctly in the sacral chakra and afterwards it was all cleared and flowing well.

She noticed a connection from the third eye to the throat chakra and felt the issue was around speaking. (I’m assuming a blockage in that connection) She felt when healing my head chakras, that I am grappling to understand the things that I want to do, and the things I feel like I cant do. I was told that I have to value what I already do and stop searching and looking outside myself.
To do the things I want to be able to do, I need to look inside myself and own and value what I do now and I need to realise what I already do and realise the things that I do well out of them.
She said this would come out in what I have to speak and write. It’s about starting and involving myself in what I am already great at and then from doing that, new abilities will open up.
I have to truly value the things that I am already good at is the summary of this.

I need to spend less time on figuring out what I am going to be good at and more time on valuing what I am already good at and putting my energy into that and it will smooth me energetically and give me a foundation.

If I spend all my time outside myself searching, I’m not connected clearly so if I stay within and value what I already have, I have the foundation to explore from.

I was told reading is a gift as well, and is something I’m good at. I ground onto this planet the things I give attention to, to others, through my writing and communication. I’m good at observing information which is a gift.

I was told I need to own what I am currently good at and say and tell myself that I am a writer, I am a researcher and I am a teacher!

Left Arm
I have left out lots of information here because of privacy and also about who I am when moving up into higher dimensions. The information coming through was related to my guides and who I am.

Right Arm
Again, with this area I have to leave out specific information. The information was about who I was in past lives and one of the people that she sensed was someone very well known, but I am not prepared to made that public at this stage.

So in conclusion, I did feel different the next day. I felt more open to express myself to others. I felt more confident. I just ‘felt better’. I am not someone to feel and sense much so with others I am sure they could have given much better feedback on how they felt afterwards.

As you can see, the energy flow was set back to running correctly through the various areas of my body that was mentioned. Certain issues came up explaining why those areas got blocked and which I could relate to as they made perfect sense to the events in that had occurred up until then in this life.
It was interesting to learn that you can still have issues from past lives causing problems in your energy system. This information about past lives has been reinforced through my energy healing diploma and the class I had recently where we have been going over the Chakra’s, specifically the sacral.

If I had not had this healing, I would assume such areas with strong blockages such as my ankle, which had shards!, or my sacral chakra which was majorly blocked, would cause me illness long term, possibly cancer for example. Of course I need to still work on myself and fix past issues personally to stop some of the energy flowing/blockage issues from coming back, as I will just keep on repeating patterns and I need to break those patterns through personal work such as one on one counselling, group work, working on the chakras such as what I am doing in two of my courses.

Until next time!...

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