Friday, January 28, 2011

Mindfulness & the Psychological state

"In this moment, there is plenty of time. In this moment, you are precisely as you should be. In this moment, there is infinite possibility".
— Victoria Moran

All of us have heard of mindfulness most likely. It is brought up in many new age books and comes from various religions and belief systems. It’s explained by some in one way and by others in another. I would expect a lot of people just ignore it and not think much about it as they have their lives to live and their things to do.

I have been practicing in the now, which is what I call it, for over two years now. Not every day, but I am getting better at remembering to do it every day. Some people may think you are meant to sit and meditate to do this, but no, you should be doing it when ever you are not sleeping. Even in conversations with people.

I have noticed a huge change from doing it. The main one being...
that I no longer worry or fear future situations that I have to deal with, as I no longer think so much about them as try and stay in the moment and push the thoughts out of my head. This is also something I use a lot when thoughts of the past pop up into my head. Sometimes I am slow; sometimes I get them out of my head strait away. If I am too slow, they change my mood and that can get me down. I am sure you all can relate to this.

I am attending a 9 week Gnostic course, which I have done three or four times before, called Self Awareness. Week one included thinking in the now, using your five senses. In other words, ‘mindfulness’.

This technique can open up your consciousness over time, increase your spirituality and raise your vibration. The Gnostic teachings say that we only use 3% of our consciousness and from the spiritual work they teach, this can increase.
It can also bring on psychic abilities such as intuition for example. When you’re in the moment you then have the ability to notice the psychic energy coming through, where if you’re constantly thinking, it’s much harder.

A quick explanation of the Gnostic in the now technique : From using each of your five senses, look around you, smell, hear, taste, feeling the touch of your clothing and simply observe what is going on right now. Do not think about anything such as thoughts from the past or the future, about what you are going to do later. Just be there in the moment, in the now and use the senses you have to accomplish that.

When thoughts come into your head, just push them away and not focus or continue thinking within those thoughts. Just remember that you’re not meant to be thinking, you’re meant to be in the moment.

So that’s basically it. I think the biggest question people might have is why should we not think and let our thoughts sit in our head? It is a natural occurrence of the human body. Why would we want to not be natural?

It’s a really important question and there’s just a lot to understand about why we shouldn’t be thinking all the time. It can be rather complicated as there’s so many parts to explain this, from the evolution of our spiritual journey from minerals to animals to human, to our ego’s and their elements which can take our psychic energy away from us and to our consciousness that can not properly come out when thoughts are constantly in the way.

We are energy, as Robert Munroe has said; we are more than our physical bodies. We are evolving spiritual beings and there are direct experiences that we can have to prove this, which I have had.

The many elements of the ego’s are behind the thoughts we have. From fear, anxiety, pride, anger, etc, controls and brings into our head many thoughts. And if we continue to think about an issue, our mood will then change to make as sad and unhappy, depressed, angry, jealous, etc. But then pendulum swings the other way as we can also become happy thinking about a nice thought and get pleasure from that. However, pleasure and pain, they both feed the egos and steal away the psychic energy of our energy system.
All this goes on and it stops our consciousness, our spiritual self from coming out. By helping to increase our consciousness, we are evolving spiritually and eventually we can ascend and leave the continuing cycle of reincarnation and experience more than just what we experience as humans on earth.

Some people are not ready or don’t care to do this and that’s perfectly OK. But that is our ultimate goal as humans. Otherwise it is said, we go back into a state of devolution and have to start all this again if we don’t do it in time. The Wheel of Samsara is what all this is about.

Gnostic teachings go over how life after death works and the reincarnation process. They get the teachings from other religions, ancient texts, and direct information by the more well known spiritual leaders that have been involved in Gnosticism over the years. Jesus is where this all started and his teachings have just been greatly changed over the years for various reasons. Rudolf Steiner, Master Samael Aun Weor and today’s current Gnostic leader, Mark H Pritchard / Belzebuub are other known Gnostic teachers.

I am very anti-religious and anti-cultish. I don’t believe we need to be part of an official group or labelled movement to become an evolved spiritual people. But I have found a lot of teachings in the Gnostic work to be valid and to make sense to me, so I have continued to attend their courses. I have had direct experiences from doing the exercises I have learnt and followed, so this is also another reason I have stuck with it. I believe there are some things that are a bit weird, but not many and it may be because I haven’t come to fully understand them yet.

I like to learn from multiple sources and come to my own conclusions. I do find it a challenge sometimes being at the Gnostic classes and events, as I have got to know all the teachers and the permanent students there in a friendly manner, yet I don’t want to be labelled a Gnostic.

I just wanted to discuss finally the impact of thinking in the now and Psychology. Peoples thoughts control their moods. If someone is depressed, then they were thinking about a situation either from the past or the future.
If those people did not think about those situations, they would not be depressed.

It’s as simple as that and I have found it to be as simple as that. I know certain thoughts from the past can get me down, and I mean really down into a depressive state. Yet, I have been able to catch them very early on when they pop into my head, and stop myself from continuing on and thinking about those thoughts and therefore stopping my mood from changing. I have also noticed when I do not stop those thoughts, my mood changes soon after. It’s just blatantly obvious that this simple practice of not thinking can help in a major way.

It not only relates to depression but it could help relationships. I don’t need to go into that very far to help people understand that if you did not worry, suspect, analyse your partners actions then things would be a lot easier. Arguments and fights would be less, and if both people really mastered this, there would be none. As ego’s are what really lay behind all of our worlds problems.


Corynder said...

This is all so true... really helps snap back into perspective where we all are -supposed- to be sitting. Awareness of the past and future isn't supposed to overtake the position we're currently in.
I will think on this more... I wonder if I could use this in the psyco-spiritual art therapy with clients? Hm....

Laron said...

Thanks for the feedback!